Computer General Knowledge MCQs - Set 10

1.       A piece of hardware that is used to enter information into the computer by using keys …………..
(A) keyboard     (B) monitor
(C) hard disk     (D) icon
Answer: A
2.       Date and Time are available on the desktop at …………
(A) Keyboard                (B) Recycle Bin
(C) My Computer         (D) Task bar
Answer: D
3.       Printed information, called , exists physically and is a more permanent form of output than
that presented on a-display device.
(A) soft copy     (B) carbon copy
(C) hard copy   (D) desk copy
Answer: C
4.       What do you need to put your web pages on the www ?
(A) a connection to internet   (B) a web browser
(C) a web server                      (D) all of the above
Answer: D
5.       Which was the first company to launch mobile phone services in India ?
(A) Essar           (B) BPL
(C) Hutchison (D) Airtel
Answer: B

6.       What is blog ?
(A) Online music
(B) Intranet
(C) A personal or corporate website in the form of an online journal
(D) A personal or corporate Google search
Answer: C
7.       Which is not online Indian Matrimonial website ?
(A)      (B)
(C)              (D)
 Answer: D
8.       The site that played a major role during the terrorist attack on Mumbai (26/11) in 2008 was
(A) Orkut                        (B) Facebook
(C)          (D) Twitter
Answer: A
9.       Which of the following is not related to information security on the Internet ?
(A) Data Encryption    (B) Water marking
(C) Data Hiding            (D) Information Retrieval
Answer: D
10.    Which is the largest unit of storage among the following ?
(A) Terabyte      (B) Megabyte
(C) Kilobyte       (D) Gigabyte
Answer: A

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