Maharashtra SET Computer Science Paper III April 2017 - Part 2

11.       Which of the following statements is false for random scan display systems?
(A) They can display realistic shaded scenes
(B) They are designed for line drawing applications
(C) Pen plotter is an example of random scan hard-copy device
(D) In random scan display CRT the electronic beam directed only to the part of the screen where a picture is to be drawn.
Answer: A
12.       The geometric entities like points, lines, curves in computer graphics are called as ...............
(A) graphic objects
(B) basic objects
(C) control objects
(D) primitives
Answer: D
13.       Z-buffer or depth-buffer algorithm is used for determining ............
(A) Visible surfaces
(B) Shading
(C) Shadows
(D) Transparency
Answer: A
14.       If the region code of a point is 1001, then the point is in the .............. region of the window.
(A) top right
(B) top left
(C) bottom right
(D) bottom left
Answer: B
15.       The method for constructive solid geometry operations is ...............
(A) ray casting
(B) ray tracing
(C) beam penetration
(D) ray sorting
Answer: A, B

16.       Two processors running, one is user process and other one is operating system process, latter is called :
(A) Kernel process
(B) Supervisor process
(C) System process
(D) Both (A) and (B)
Answer: D
17.       .................. and ................ are recommended functions to be defined in user programme specifications of Unix Systems.
(A) return.yyparse( ) and fprint( )
(B) main( ) and yyerror( )
(C) yywrap( ) and yyerror( )
(D) main( ) and fprint( )
Answer: B
18.       Which of the following regular expression identity is true?
(A) r (*) = r*
(B) (r* s*)* = (r + s)*
(C) (r + s)* = r* + s*
(D) r* s* = r* + s*
Answer: B
19.       For the given context free grammar G, give three strings that are in L(G).
R → X R X | S
S → a T b | b T a
T → X T X | X | ϵ
X → a | b
(A) bba, ab, ab
(B) ab, ba, aab
(C) ba, ba, aab
(D) ab, ab, abb
Answer: B
20.    The coroutine is a ................. that generalize subroutines to allow multiple entry points for suspending and resuming execution at certain locations.
(A) Computer programme
(B) Computational method
(C) Computer algorithm
(D) Computer software
Answer: A

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