Maharashtra SET Computer Science Paper III April 2017 - Part 1

1.       The advantages of integrated circuits over a discrete device circuit due to their following characteristics:
(A) Smaller size
(B) Lower cost
(C) Higher reliability
(D) All of the above
Answer: D
2.       The cyclic codes are used when it is required for :
(A) Data transfer
(B) Arithmetic and logical computation
(C) Continuously varying signal representation
(D) Counting the number of bits
Answer: C
3.       A microprocessor with 12 address lines is capable of addressing up to :
(A) 4096 Locations
(B) 1024 Locations
(C) 64K Locations
(D) 2048 Locations
Answer: A
4.       When the RESET is performed in Intel 8085 microprocessor, the first operation is :
(A) Stock initialization
(B) Instruction fetch from the location 2000H
(C) Instruction fetch from the location 0000H
(D) Memory read from location 0000H
Answer: C
5.       The overflow flag is set in 8086 microprocessor when ..............
(A) The sum is more than 16 bits
(B) Carry and sign flags are set
(C) Signed number go out of their range after arithmetic operation
(D) None of the above
Answer: C

6.       One of the following is data security threat :
(A) updation or deletion of data
(B) fraudulent manipulation of data
(C) hardware failure
(D) privacy invasion
Answer: B, D
7.       Consider the situation that the transaction 'P' holds shared key lock X. Also, other transaction 'Q' requests for shared key lock X, then :
(A) request will be immediately granted
(B) the deadlock situation is created
(C) request will be rejected after some time
(D) request will be granted at it is released by P.
Answer: A
8.       In an oracle, which trigger type would be fired during instance start-up :
(A) database event
(B) user event
(C) file event
(D) record event
Answer: A
9.       The component of the oracle that contains the memory structure and background process :
(A) database
(B) database file
(C) instance
(D) log file
Answer: C
10.    The redo log files are used for :
(A) shut down
(B) instance recovery
(C) archiving
(D) instance start up
Answer: B

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