Computer General Knowledge MCQs - Set 37

1.       ………….. may be included in other folder while making hierarchical structure folder.
(A) Mini folder              (B) Tiered folder
(C) Sub-folder              (D) Object
Answer: C
2.       Which is the most important item in a client-server network?
(A) client            (B) hub
(C) switch          (D) server
Answer: D
3.       '.INI' extension refers to:
(A) Image file                (B) System file
(C) Movie file                (D) Word file
Answer: B
4.       Select the odd term out?
(A) Windows                 (B) Linux
(C) Unix                         (D) Internet
Answer: D
5.       What is the full form of WWW in Internet ?
(A) World Wide Web               (B) World Wide Word
(C) World Wide Wood             (D) None of these
Answer: A

6.       Which Command is used to reboot the computer ?
(A) Ctrl+Shift+Del        (B) Ctrl+Del+End
(C) Ctrl+Alt+Del           (D) Both (A) and (C)
Answer: C
7.       The blinking symbol on the computer screen:
(A) Mouse                     (B) Cursor
(C) Character               (D) Blinker
Answer: B
8.       Father of the computer
(A) Charles Babbage  (B) Vint Cerf
(C) Bob Khan               (D) David Filo
Answer: A
9.       Inventer of Email system ?
(A) Alan Turing                        (B) Zuckerburg
(C) Vint Cerf                 (D) Ray Tomilson
Answer: D
10.    ROM Stands for
(A) Range Of Motion               (B) Read On Memory
(C) Read Only Memory           (D) None of these
Answer: C

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