Computer General Knowledge MCQs - Set 30

1.       A kiosk offers …………..
(A) Digital Certificate               (B) Touch Screen Application
(C) Internet Services               (D) None of these
Answer: C
2.       Which of the following refers to a small local network?
(A) LAN             (B) WAN
(C) MAN                        (D) SLN
Answer: A
3.       The programs which are as permanent as hardware and stored in ROM is known as:
(A) Software                 (B) Firmware
(C) Algorithm                (D) ROMware
Answer: B
4.       Which access method is used for obtaining a record from a cassette tape?
(A) Sequential              (B) Direct
(C) Random                  (D) None of these
Answer: A
5.       ASCII stands for:
(A) American Security Code for Information Interchange
(B) American Standard Code for Information Interchange
(C) American Scientific Code for Interchanging Information
(D) American Standard Code for Interchanging Information
Answer: B

6.       The speed of clock frequency of a micro-processor is measured in …………..
(A) hertz                        (B) baud rate
(C) CPS             (D) bits
Answer: A
7.       It is easier to change the name of file using …………… process.
(A) Transforming         (B) Christening
(C) Renaming              (D) None of these
Answer: C
8.       …………… view, shows how the Contents on printed page will appear with margin, header and footer.
(A) Draft             (B) Full Screen Reading
(C) Outline        (D) Page Layout
Answer: D
9.       The combination of computing, telecommunications and media in a digital atmosphere is referred to as
(A) Online communication    (B) integrated media
(C) convergence                      (D) digital combine
Answer: C
10.    Files deleted from the hard disk are sent to the ……………
(A) recycle Bin             (B) floppy disk
(C) clipboard                 (D) motherboard
Answer: A

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