Computer General Knowledge MCQs - Set 16

1.       There are ……….. bits in one byte.
(A) 4       (B) 8
(C) 12     (D) 32
Answer: B
2.       The main component of a desktop PC is the ………….. which houses the computer’s critical parts.
(A) system case           (B) memory
(C) keyboard                 (D) processor
Answer: A
3.       GPS is a system that helps in locating positions with the help of :
(A) Microwaves                                    (B) Satellites
(C) Police intelligence                        (D) Wireless communication
Answer: B
4.       The …………… of software contains lists of commands and options.
(A) menu bar    (B) toolbar
(C) title bar        (D) formula bar
Answer: A
5.       A …………….. can make it easier to play games.
(A) mouse         (B) joystick
(C) keyboard     (D) pen
Answer: B

6.       How many different documents can you have open at any one time ?
(A) Not more than three
(B) Only one
(C) As many as your computer memory will hold
(D) No more than your Taskbar can display
Answer: C
7.       A hard disk is divided into tracks which is further subdivided into
(A) Clusters      (B) Sectors
(C) Vectors        (D) Heads
Answer: B
8.       A Compiler is a software which converts
(A) Characters to bits
(B) High level language to machine language
(C) Machine language to high level language
(D) Words to bits
Answer: B
9.       Virtual memory is
(A) an extremely large main memory.
(B) an extremely large secondary memory.
(C) an illusion of extremely large main memory
(D) a type of memory used in super computers.
Answer: C
10.    The fastest memory in a computer system is:
(A) ROM            (B) RAM
(C) Cache         (D) Hard disk
Answer: C

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