UGC NET General Paper I Solved December 2011 - Part 5

41.       Constitutionally the registration and recognition of political parties is the function performed by
(A) The State Election Commission of respective States
(B) The Law Ministry of Government of India
(C) The Election Commission of India
(D) Election Department of the State Governments
Answer: C
42.       The members of Gram Sabha are
(A) Sarpanch, Upsarpanch and all elected Panchas
(B) Sarpanch, Upsarpanch and Village level worker
(C) Sarpanch, Gram Sevak and elected Panchas
(D) Registered voters of Village Panchayat
Answer: D
43.       By which of the following methods the true evaluation of the students is possible?
(A) Evaluation at the end of the course.
(B) Evaluation twice in a year.
(C) Continuous evaluation.
(D) Formative evaluation.
Answer: C
44.       Suppose a student wants to share his problems with his teacher and he visits the teacher’s house for the purpose, the teacher should
(A) contact the student’s parents and solve his problem.
(B) suggest him that he should never visit his house.
(C) suggest him to meet the principal and solve the problem.
(D) extend reasonable help and boost his morale.
Answer: D
45.       When some students are deliberately attempting to disturb the discipline of the class by making mischief, what will be your role as a teacher?
(A) Expelling those students.
(B) Isolate those students.
(C) Reform the group with your authority.
(D) Giving them an opportunity for introspection and improve their behaviour.
Answer: D

46.       Which of the following belongs to a projected aid?
(A) Blackboard                         (B) Diorama
(C) Epidiascope           (D) Globe
Answer: C
47.       A teacher is said to be fluent in asking questions, if he can ask
(A) meaningful questions
(B) as many questions as possible
(C) maximum number of questions in a fixed time
(D) many meaningful questions in a fixed time
Answer: A
48.       Which of the following qualities is most essential for a teacher?
(A) He should be a learned person.
(B) He should be a well dressed person.
(C) He should have patience.
(D) He should be an expert in his subject.
Answer: C
49.       A hypothesis is a
(A) law               (B) canon
(C) postulate     (D) supposition
Answer: D
50.    Suppose you want to investigate the working efficiency of nationalised bank in India, which one of the following would you follow?
(A) Area Sampling                   (B) Multi-stage Sampling
(C) Sequential Sampling       (D) Quota Sampling
Answer: B

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