UGC NET General Paper I Solved December 2011 - Part 6

51.       Controlled group condition is applied in
(A) Survey Research              (B) Historical Research
(C) Experimental Research   (D) Descriptive Research
Answer: C
52.       Workshops are meant for
(A) giving lectures                   (B) multiple target groups
(C) showcase new theories   (D) hands on training/experience
Answer: D
53.       Which one of the following is a research tool?
(A) Graph                      (B) Illustration
(C) Questionnaire       (D) Diagram
Answer: C
54.       Research is not considered ethical if it
(A) tries to prove a particular point.
(B) does not ensure privacy and anonymity of the respondent.
(C) does not investigate the data scientifically.
(D) is not of a very high standard.
Answer: B
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions (Qn. Nos. 55 to 60):

The catalytic fact of the twentieth century is uncontrollable development, consumerist society, political materialism, and spiritual devaluation. This inordinate development has led to the transcendental ‘second reality’ of sacred perception that biologically transcendence is a part of human life. As the century closes, it dawns with imperative vigour that the ‘first reality’ of enlightened rationalism and the ‘second reality’ of the Beyond have to be harmonised in a worthy state of man. The de facto values describe what we are, they portray the ‘is’ of our ethic, they are est values (Latin est means is). The ideal values tell us what we ought to be, they are esto values (Latin esto ‘ought to be’). Both have to be in the ebb and flow of consciousness. The ever new science and technology and the ever-perennial faith are two modes of one certainty, that is the wholeness of man, his courage to be, his share in Being.
The materialistic foundations of science have crumbled down. Science itself has proved that matter is energy, processes are as valid as facts, and affirmed the non - materiality of the universe. The encounter of the ‘two cultures’, the scientific and the humane, will restore the normal vision, and will be the bedrock of a ‘science of understanding’ in the new century. It will give new meaning to the ancient perception that quantity (measure) and quality (value) coexist at the root of nature. Human endeavours cannot afford to be humanistically irresponsible.

55.       The problem raised in the passage reflects overall on
(A) Consumerism                    (B) Materialism
(C) Spiritual devaluation        (D) Inordinate development

56.       The ‘de facto’ values in the passage means
(A) What is                    (B) What ought to be
(C) What can be          (D) Where it is
Answer: A
57.       According to the passage, the ‘first reality’ constitutes
(A) Economic prosperity         (B) Political development
(C) Sacred perception of life (D) Enlightened rationalism
Answer: D
58.       Encounter of the ‘two cultures’, the scientific and the human implies
(A) Restoration of normal vision
(B) Universe is both material and non-material
(C) Man is superior to nature
(D) Co-existence of quantity and quality in nature
59.       The contents of the passage are
(A) Descriptive                         (B) Prescriptive
(C) Axiomatic                (D) Optional
60.    The passage indicates that science has proved that
(A) universe is material          (B) matter is energy
(C) nature has abundance    (D) humans are irresponsible

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