Computer General Knowledge Questions and Answers - Set 49

481.       Which of the following is an example of non-volatile memory?
Answer: A
482.       The communication process is made up of various components. Which of the following is the actual physical product from the source?
(A) Feedback
(B) Filter
(C) Channel
(D) Message
Answer: D
483.       Random Access Memory (RAM), a form of computer storage, is a ............. memory.
(A) Non-volatile
(B) Volatile
(C) Permanent
(D) Secondary
Answer: B
484.       In Computer Networking, HTTP is referred to as a stateless protocol as servers do not maintain any information about past client requests. HTTP is an acronym for
(A) Hyper Text Translation Protocol
(B) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
(C) High TeraByte Transfer Protocol
(D) Hypervisor Test Translation Protocol
Answer: B
485.       Which of the following correctly lists computer memory types from highest to lowest speed?
(A) Secondary Storage; Main Memory; Cache Memory; CPU Registers
(B) CPU Registers; Cache Memory; Secondary Storage; Main Memory
(C) CPU Registers; Cache Memory; Main Memory; Secondary Storage
(D) Cache Memory; CPU Registers; Main Memory; Secondary Storage
Answer: C

486.       Which of the following statement(s) is/are TRUE?
S1: The decimal number 11 is larger than the hexadecimal number 11.
S2: In the binary number 1110.101, the fractional part has the decimal value as 0.625.
(A) S1 only
(B) S2 only
(C) Both S1 and S2
(D) Neither S1 nor S2
Answer: B
487.       MS Excel displays the address of the active cell in the:
(A) Formula bar
(B) Status bar
(C) Tool bar
(D) Menu bar
Answer: A
488.       When a process wants to print a file, it writes the file name in a directory called:
(A) Spooler                   (B) Buffer
(C) Daemon                  (D) Log
Answer: A
489.       A program in execution state is called as:
(A) Shell                        (B) Process
(C) Task             (D) Thread
Answer: B
490.    The Bootstrap Loader resides in:
(A) Hard Disk                (B) Any bootable device
(C) RAM                                    (D) ROM
Answer: D

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