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Friday, 29 September 2017

Maharashtra SET Computer Science Paper III April 2017 - Part 5

41.       In case of distributed memory parallel system, which of the following techniques is used for compile-time program transformation for accessing remote data :
(A) cache coherence scheme
(B) computation migration
(C) remote procedure call
(D) message passing
Answer: B
42.       In a system there are several process executives, in this scenario which process can be affected by the execution?
(A) child process
(B) parent process
(C) cooperatives process
(D) init process
Answer: C
43.       In operating system memory management "compaction" is defined as :
(A) a technique for overcoming internal fragmentation
(B) a technique for overcoming external fragmentation
(C) a paging technique
(D) a technique for overcoming fatal error.
Answer: B
44.       Consider the following program code fragment
main( )
if(fork( ) > 0)
sleep(100) ;
results in the creation of :
(A) an orphan process
(B) a zombie process
(C) a process that executes infinitely
(D) none of the above
Answer: B
45.       Suppose there is a system consisting of 4 (four) resources of same type that are shared by 3 (three) processes each of which needs at most 2 (two) resources under this condition whether the system will be in ..............
(A) starvation
(B) deadlock free
(C) deadlock sure
(D) options (A) and (C) only
Answer: B
46.       Prospector is application of :
(A) Medicine applications
(B) Geological applications
(C) Biological applications
(D) Chemical applications
Answer: B
47.       {7(a → B), B → 7} is for :
(A) 7 a ˅ 7
(B) 7 a ˄ 7
(C) a ˅ 7
(D) 7 a ˅ a
Answer: C

The two temporal t1 and t2 will :
(A) overlap
(B) meet
(C) before
(D) during
Answer: B
49.       Which of the following is AI search?
(A) Sequential search
(B) Binary search
(C) Presorting
Answer: D
50.    Which of the following is the knowledge representation?
(C) Heuristic
(D) Frames
Answer: D

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