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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Computer Networks Multiple Choice Questions - Set 29

1.       The functions of internet Layer in TCP/IP are ....................
(A) Flow Control and Error Control
(B) Congestion Control and Flow Control
(C) Packet Routing and Flow Control
(D) Congestion Control and Packet Routing
Answer: D
2.       The protocols used in Host to network layer of TCP/IP model are ...................
(D) LAN and IP
Answer: B
3.       HTTP is the acronym of ...............
(A) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
(B) Hyper Test Transfer Protocol
(C) Hyper Text Transport Protocol
(D) Hyper Text Transport Program
Answer: A
4.       In the earlier ARPA NET each node of network consisted
(A) TIP & a host            (B) BBN & a host
(C) IMP & a host          (D) SAP & a host
Answer: C
5.       Number of layers in TCP/IP model?
(A) 5       (B) 4
(C) 6       (D) 7
Answer: A

6.       Internet Layer in TCP/IP is ...................
(A) Connection Oriented
(B) Can be Connection Oriented and connection less
(C) Connection less
(D) Client Server type request
Answer: C
7.       The protocol defined by internet layer in TCP/IP is ......................
(A) TCP Protocol          (B) UDP Protocol
(C) SMTP                      (D) IP Protocol
Answer: D
8.       Two protocols defined in Transport Layer of TCP/IP?
(A) TCP and IP             (B) TCP and UDP
(C) UDP and IP            (D) None of these
Answer: B
9.       Which of the following is/are a connection oriented protocol(s)?
(A) TCP                                     (B) UDP
(C) TCP and UDP       (D) Neither TCP nor UDP
Answer: A
10.    UDP has the following properties.
(A) Connection oriented and reliable
(B) Connection Less and reliable
(C) Connection less and Unreliable
(D) Connection Oriented and Unreliable
Answer: C

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