Computer General Knowledge MCQs - Set 32

1.       'Micro Processing' is made for
(A) Computer                (B) Digital System
(C) Calculator               (D) Electronic Goods
Answer: A
2.       Which of the following statement is correct?
(A) Modem is a software
(B) Modem helps in stabilizing the voltage
(C) Modem is the operating system
(D) Modem converts the analog signal into digital signal and vice-versa
Answer: D
3.       Which of the following is the appropriate definition of a computer ?
(A) Computer is a machine that can process information.
(B) Computer is an electronic device that can store, retrieve and process both qualitative and quantitative data quickly and accurately.
(C) Computer is an electronic device that can store, retrieve and quickly process only quantitative data.
(D) Computer is a machine that can store, retrieve and process quickly and accurately only qualitative information
Answer: B
4.       Power protection device that includes a battery and provides a few minutes of power.
(A) surge suppressor  (B) line conditioner
(C) generator                (D) UPS
Answer: D
5.       Information, a combination of graphics, text, sound, video and animation is called
(A) Multiprogramme    (B) Multifacet
(C) Multimedia                         (A) Multiprocess
Answer: C

6.       The pattern of printed lines on most products is called …………..
(A) prices                       (B) OCR
(C) scanners                (D) barcodes
Answer: D
7.       In MlCR, C stands for:
(A) Code                        (B) Color
(C) Computer               (D) Character
Answer: D
8.       E-mail addresses separate the user name from the ISP using the symbol:
(A) &                   (B) @
(C) %                  (D) *
Answer: B
9.       Which of the following statements best describes the batch method of input ?
(A) Data is processed as soon as it is input
(B) Data is input at the time it is collected
(C) Data is collected in the form of source documents, placed into groups, and then input to the computer
(D) Source documents are not used
Answer: C
10.    Coded entries which are used to gain access to a computer system are called …………..
(A) Entry codes                        (B) Passwords
(C) security commands          (D) code words
Answer: B

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