CBSE UGC NET Computer Science Paper III Solved July 2016 - Part 7

61.       The region of feasible solution of a linear programming problem has a ............... property in geometry, provided the feasible solution of the problem exists.
(A) concavity                (B) convexity
(C) quadratic                (D) polyhedron
Answer: B
62.       Consider the following statements:
(a) Revised simplex method requires lesser computations than the simplex method.
(b) Revised simplex method automatically generates the inverse of the current basis matrix.
(c) Less number of entries are needed in each table of revised simplex method than usual simplex method.
Which of these statements are correct?
(A) (a) and (b) only                  (B) (a) and (c) only
(C) (b) and (c) only                  (D) (a), (b) and (c)
Answer: D
63.       The following transportation problem:
The above solution of a given transportation problem is
(A) infeasible solution                        (B) optimum solution
(C) non-optimum solution      (D) unbounded solution
Answer: B
64.       Let R and S be two fuzzy relations defined as:
Then, the resulting relation, T, which relates elements of universe x to elements of universe z using max-min composition is given by
Answer: C
65.       Compute the value of adding the following two fuzzy integers:
A = {(0.3,1), (0.6,2), (1,3), (0.7,4), (0.2,5)}
B = {(0.5,11), (1,12), (0.5,13)}
Where fuzzy addition is defined as
μA+B(z) = maxx+y=z (min(μA(x), μB(x)))
Then, f(A+B) is equal to
(A) {(0.5,12), (0.6,13), (1,14), (0.7,15), (0.7,16), (1,17), (1,18)}
(B) {(0.5,12), (0.6,13), (1,14), (1,15), (1,16), (1,17), (1,18)}
(C) {(0.3,12), (0.5,13), (0.5,14), (1,15), (0.7,16), (0.5,17), (0.2,18)}
(D) {(0.3,12), (0.5,13), (0.6,14), (1,15), (0.7,16), (0.5,17), (0.2,18)}
Answer: D

66.       A perceptron has input weights W1 = -3.9 and W2 = 1.1 with threshold value T = 0.3. What output does it give for the input x1 = 1.3 and x2 = 2.2?
(A) -2.65                        (B) -2.30
(B) 0                   (D) 1
Answer: C
67.       What is the function of following UNIX command?
WC – l<a >b&
(A) It runs the word count program to count the number of lines in its input, a, writing the result to b, as a foreground process.
(B) It runs the word count program to count the number of lines in its input, a, writing the result to b, but does it in the background.
(C) It counts the errors during the execution of a process, a, and puts the result in process b.
(D) It copies the ‘ l ’ numbers of lines of program from file, a, and stores in file b.
Answer: B
68.       Which of the following statement is not correct with reference to cron daemon in UNIX O.S?
(A) The cron daemon is the standard tool for running commands on a pre-determined schedule.
(B) It starts when the system boots and runs as long as the system is up.
(C) Cron reads configuration files that contain list of command lines and the times at which they invoked.
(D) Crontab for individual users are not stored.
Answer: D
69.       In Unix, files can be protected by assigning each one a 9-bit mode called rights bits. Now, consider the following two statements:
I. A mode of 641 (octal) means that the owner can read and write the file, other members of the owner’s group can read it, and users can execute only.
II. A mode of 100 (octal) allows the owner to execute the file, but prohibits all other access.
Which of the following options is correct with reference to above statemenrs?
(A) Only I is correct                  (B) Only II is correct
(C) Both I and II are correct    (D) Both I and II are incorrect
Answer: C
70.    Consider the statement,
"Either -2 ≤ x ≤ -1 or 1 ≤ x ≤ 2"
The negation of this statement is
(A) x<-2 or 2<x  or -1<x<1       (B) x<-2 or 2<x
(C) -1<x<1                                 (D) x ≤ -2 or 2 ≤ x or -1<x<1     
Answer: A

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