CBSE UGC NET Computer Science Paper III Solved July 2016 - Part 6

51.       Which of the following information about the UNIX file system is not correct?
(A) Super block contains the number of i-nodes, the number of disk blocks, and the start of the list of free disk blocks.
(B) An i-node contains accounting information as well as enough information to locate all the disk blocks that holds the file’s data.
(C) Each i-node is 256-bytes long.
(D) All the files and directories are stored in data blocks.
Answer: C
52.       Which of the following option with reference to UNIX operating system is not correct?
(A) INT signal is sent by the terminal driver when one types <Control-C> and it is a request to terminate the current operation.
(B) TERM is a request to terminate execution completely. The receiving process will clean up its state and exit.
(C) QUIT is similar to TERM, except that it defaults to producing a core dump if not caught.
(D) KILL is a blockable signal.
Answer: D
53.       A Multicomputer with 256 CPUs is organized as 16x16 grid. What is the worst case delay (in hops) that a message might have to take?
(A) 16                 (B) 15
(C) 32                 (D) 30
Answer: D
54.       Suppose that the time to do a null remote procedure call (RPC) (i.e, 0 data bytes) is 1.0 msec, with an additional 1.5 msec for every 1K of data. How long does it take to read 32 K from the file server as 32 1K RPCs?
(A) 49 msec                  (B) 80 msec
(C) 48 msec                  (D) 100 msec
Answer: B
55.       Let L be the language generated by regular expression 0*10* and accepted by the deterministic finite automata M. Consider the relation RM defined by M. As all states are reachable from the start state, RM has ................ equivalence classes.
(A) 2                   (B) 4
(C) 5                   (D) 6
Answer: D

56.       Let L = {0n1n | n≥0} be a context free language.
Which of the following is correct?
(A) L’ is context free and Lk is not context free for any k≥1
(B) L’ is not context free and Lk is context free for any k≥1
(C) Both L’ and Lk is for any k≥1 are context free.
(D) Both L’ and Lk is for any k≥1 are not context free.
Answer: C
57.       Given a Turing Machine
M = ({q0,q1,q2,q3}, {a,b}, {a,b,B}, δ, B, {q3})
Where δ is a transition function defined as
δ(q0,a) = (q1,a,R)
δ(q1,b) = (q2,b,R)
δ(q2,a) = (q2,a,R)
δ(q2,b) = (q3,b,R)
The language L(M) accepted by the Turing Machine is given as:
(A) aa*b             (B) abab
(C) aba*b           (D) aba*
Answer: C
58.       Consider a discrete memoryless channel and assume that H(x) is the amount of information per symbol at the input of the channel; H(y) is the amount of information per symbol at the output of the channel; H(x|y) is the amount of uncertainty remaining on x knowing y; and I(x;y) is the information transmission.
Which of the following does not define the channel capacity of a discrete memoryless channel?
(A) max I(x;y)
(B) max [(H(y) – H(y|x))]
(C) max [(H(x) – H(x|y))]
(D) max H(x|y)
Answer: D
59.       Consider a source with symbols A, B, C, D with probabilities 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/8 respectively. What is the average number of bits per symbol for the Huffman code generated from above information?
(A) 2 bits per symbol               (B) 1.75 bits per symbol
(C) 1.50 bits per symbol          (D) 1.25 bits per symbol
Answer: B
60.    Which of the following is used for the boundary representation of an image object?
(A) Quad Tree              (B) Projections
(C) Run length coding           (D) Chain codes
Answer: D

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