Computer General Knowledge Questions and Answers - Set 3

1.       An output device that lets you see what the computer is doing ……………
(A) a disk drive             (B) monitor-screen
(C) shift key                  (D) printer
Answer: B
2.       A ………… is an example of an input device.
(A) keyboard     (B) monitor
(C) Mouse         (D) central processing unit
Answer: A, C
3.       A computer cannot "boot" if it does not have the …………..
(A) Compiler                             (B) Loader
(C) Operating System             (D) Assembler
Answer: C
4.       Bit in short for ……………
(A) binary system         (B) digital byte
(C) binary digit                         (D) binary unit
Answer: C
5.       Powerful key that lets you exit a program when pushed …………….
(A) arrow keys              (B) space bar
(C) escape key             (D) return key
Answer: C

6.       A command that takes what has been typed into the computer and can be seen on the screen and sends it to the printer for output on paper.
(A) print             (B) return
(C) jump                        (D) None of these
Answer: A
7.       Which of the following describes the characteristic features of SRAM ?
(A) Cheap but slow
(B) More consumption of power and much costly
(C) Based on transistor - capacitor combination
(D) Low consumption of power
Answer: D
Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) retains its contents by having a constant
source of power applied. This differs from Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) 
that needs to be regularly refreshed for the memory cells to maintain their state. SRAM 
module consumes less power than a DRAM module. This is because SRAM only 
requires a small steady current while DRAM requires bursts of power every few 
milliseconds to refresh. SRAM is faster and more expensive than DRAM; it is 
typically used for CPU cache while DRAM is used for a computer's main memory.
8.       Free of cost repair of software bug available at Internet is called …………….
(A) Version       (B) Ad-on
(C) Tutorial        (D) Patch
Answer: D
9.       Which of the following is READ only disc ?
(A) DVD-R        (B) DVD-ROM
(C) DVDRW      (D) CD-R
Answer: B
10.    Which of the following is not a computer language?
(A) High Level Language     
(B) Machine Language
(C) Low Level Language      
(D) Medium Level Language
Answer: D

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  1. For 7 qn option b is wrong Actually SRAM requires very less power than dynamic energy.So answer may be option D

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  3. Please update alway.. Their will great kind of you.

  4. Please update alway.. Their will great kind of you.