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Monday, 20 April 2015

UGC NET Computer Science Solved Paper II December 2006 - Part 4

31.       Linking:
(A) cannot be performed before relocation
(B) cannot be performed after relocation
(C) can be performed both before and after relocation
(D) is not required if relocation is performed
Answer: B
32.       Which of the following is the most general phase-structured grammar ?
(A) Regular                   (B) Context-sensitive
(C) Context free           (D) Syntax tree
Answer: B
33.       A compiler for a high level language that runs on one machine and produces code for a different machine is called:
(A) Optimizing              (B) One pass compiler
(C) Cross compiler      (D) Multipass compiler
Answer: C
34.       The ‘K’ in LR (K) cannot be:
(A) 0       (B) 1    (C) 2               (D) None of these
Answer: D
35.       Peep-hole optimization is a form of:
(A) loop optimization               (B) local optimization
(C) constant folding                (D) data flow analysis
Answer: C

36.       An operating system is:
(A) Collection of hardware components
(B) Collection of input-output devices
(C) Collection of software routines
(D) All the above
Answer: C
37. one of pre-emptive scheduling algorithm.
(A) Shortest-Job-first               (B) Round-robin
(C) Priority based                     (D) Shortest-Job-next
Answer: B
38.       A software to create a Job Queue is called...................
(A) Linkage editor        (B) Interpreter
(C) Driver                      (D) Spooler
Answer: D
39.       A permanent database of a general model of compiler is...................
(A) Identifier table        (B) Page map table
(C) Literal table                        (D) Terminal table
Answer: D
40.    Loading operating system from secondary memory to primary memory is called...............
(A) Compiling               (B) Booting
(C) Refreshing             (D) Reassembling
Answer: B

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