UGC NET Computer Science Solved Paper II December 2006 - Part 5

41.       Software Cost Performance index (CPI) is given by:
(A) BCWP/ACWP        (B)
Where:   BCWP stands for Budgeted Cost of Work Performed
BCWS stands for Budget Cost of Work Scheduled
ACWP stands for Actual Cost of Work Performed
Answer: A
42.       Software Risk estimation involves following two tasks:
(A) risk magnitude and risk impact
(B) risk probability and risk impact
(C) risk maintenance and risk impact
(D) risk development and risk impact
Answer: B
43.       In a object oriented software design, ‘Inheritance’ is a kind of...................
(A) relationship                        (B) module
(C) testing                     (D) optimization
Answer: A
44.       Reliability of software is directly dependent on:
(A) quality of the design
(B) number of errors present
(C) software engineer’s experience
(D) user requirement
Answer: B
45.       ‘Abstraction’ is......................step of Attribute in a software design.
(A)  First              (B) Final
(C) Last              (D) Middle
Answer: A

46.       The frequency band allocated for the downlink in GSM is:
(A) 960 - 985 MHz       (B) 935 - 960 MHz
(C) 920 - 945 MHz       (D) 930 - 955 MHz
Answer: B
47.       Which of the following is an EDI standard?
(A) ANSI X.15               (B) ANSI X.14
(C) ANSI X.13              (D) ANSI X.12
Answer: D
48.       An INT file in Windows 95 is:
(A) a program file         (B) a message file
(C) a text file                 (D) link file
Answer: C
49.       Link analysis operation in data mining uses.......................technique.
(A) Classification         (B) Association discovery
(C) Visualisation          (D) Neural clustering
Answer: B
50.    The maximum size of SMS in IS-95 is..............octets.
(A) 120               (B) 95             (C) 128           (D) 64
Answer: A

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