UGC NET Computer Science Solved Paper II December 2006 - Part 3

21.       Which algorithm has same average, worst case and best case time?
(A) Binary search        (B) Maximum of n number
(C) Quick sort               (D) Fibonacci search
Answer: B
22.       Binary search tree is an example of:
(A) Divide and conquer technique
(B) Greedy algorithm
(C) Back tracking
(D) Dynamic Programming
Answer: A
23.       What is the time required to insert an element in a stack with linked implementation?
(A) O (log2n)                  (B) O (n)
(C) O (n log2n)               (D) O (1)
Answer: D
24.       The equivalent postfix expression for d/(e+f) + b*c:
(A) defbc/++*                (B) def+/bc+*
(C) def+/bc*+                (D) None of these
Answer: C
25.       Which one of the following is a physical data structure ?
(A) Array            (B) Linked lists
(C) Stacks         (D) Tables
Answer: A

26.       How many DS1 signals are transported on a DS3 signal ?
(A) 24     (B) 672           (C) 14             (D) 28
Answer: D
27.       A 10 BASE-2 network is limited to:
(A) 20 bytes per data field     
(B) 30 stations per segment
(C) 40 segments                     
(D) 50 feet of cable
Answer: B
28.       The network is a:
(A) Class A Network                (B) Class B Network
(C) Class C Network               (D) Class D Network
Answer: C
29.       The subnet mask
(A) Extends the network portion to 16 bits
(B) Extends the network portion to 26 bits
(C) Extends the network portion to 36 bits
(D) Has no effect on the network portion of an IP address
Answer: B
30.    The LAPB frame structure and the frame structure of SDLC are:
(A) Opposite                 (B) Identical
(C) Reversed                (D) Non-identical
Answer: B

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