UGC NET Computer Science Solved Paper II December 2006 - Part 2

11.       When a function is recursively called, all automatic variables:
(A) are initialized during each execution of the function
(B) are retained from the last execution
(C) are maintained in a stack
(D) are ignored
Answer: A
12.       Enumeration variables can be used in:
(A) search statement like an integer variable
(B) break statement
(C) preprocessor commands
(D) function statement
Answer: A
13.       int arr[ ] = {1, 2, 3, 4}
int count;
incr( ) {return ++count;}
main( )
arr[count++]=incr( );
printf(“arr[count]=%d\n”, arr[count]);
The value printed by the above program is:
(A) 1       (B) 2                (C) 3               (D) 4
Answer: B
14.       When one-dimensional character array of unspecified length is assigned an initial value:
(A) an arbitrary character is automatically added to the end of the string
(B) ‘o’ is added to the end of the string
(C) length of the string is added to the end of the string
(D) ‘end’ is added to the end of the string
Answer: B
15.       The declaration “unsigned u” indicates:
(A) u is an unsigned character
(B) u is an unsigned integer
(C) u is a character
(D) u is a string
Answer: B

16.       Which possibility among the following is invalid in case of a Data Flow Diagram ?
(A) A process having in-bound data flows more than out-bound data flows
(B) A data flow between two processes
(C) A data flow between two data stores
(D) A data store having more than one in-bound data flows
Answer: C
17.       In DBMS, deferred update means:
(A) All the updates are done first but the entries are made in the log file later
(B) All the log files entries are made first but the actual updates are done later
(C) Every update is done first followed by a writing on the log file
(D) Changes in the views are deferred till a query asks for a view
Answer: B
18.       Which statement is false regarding data independence ?
(A) Hierarchical data model suffers from data independence
(B) Network model suffers from data independence
(C) Relational model suffers only from logical data independence
(D) Relational model suffers only from physical data independence
Answer: C
19.       Which of the following tools is not required during system analysis phase of system development life cycle?
(A) Case tool                            (B) RAD tool
(C) Reverse engineering       (D) None of these
Answer: C
20.    Two phase protocol in a database management system is:
(A) a concurrency mechanism that is not deadlock free
(B) a recovery protocol used for restoring a database after a crash
(C) Any update to the system log done in 2-phases
(D) not effective in Database
Answer: A

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