UGC NET Solved Computer Science Paper III June 2014 - Part 4

31.       Consider f(N) = g(N) + h(N) Where function g is a measure of the cost of getting from the start node to the current node N and h is an estimate of additional cost of getting from the current node N to the goal node. Then f(N) = h(N) is used in which one of the following algorithms?
(A) A* algorithm
(B) AO* algorithm
(C) Greedy best first search algorithm
(D) Iterative A* algorithm
Answer: C
32.       .............. predicate calculus allows quantified variables to refer to objects in the domain of discourse and not to predicates or functions.
(A) Zero-order
(B) First-order
(C) Second-order
(D) High-order
Answer: B
33.       ................ is used in game trees to reduce the number of branches of the search tree to be traversed without affecting the solution.
(A) Best first search
(B) Goal stack planning
(C) Alpha-beta pruning procedure
(D) Min-max search
Answer: C
34.       Consider a uniprocessor system where new processes arrive at an average of five processes per minute and each process needs an average of 6 seconds of service time. What will be the CPU utilization?
(A) 80 %
(B) 50 %
(C) 60 %
(D) 30 %
Answer: B
35.       Consider a program that consists of 8 pages (from 0 to 7) and we have 4 page frames in the physical memory for the pages. The page reference string is :
1 2 3 2 5 6 3 4 6 3 7 3 1 5 3 6 3 4 2 4 3 4 5 1
The number of page faults in LRU and optimal page replacement algorithms are respectively (without including initial page faults to fill available page frames with pages):
(A) 9 and 6
(B) 10 and 7
(C) 9 and 7
(D) 10 and 6
Answer: B
36.       Which of the following statements is not true about disk-arm scheduling algorithms?
(A) SSTF (shortest seek time first) algorithm increases performance of FCFS.
(B) The number of requests for disk service are not influenced by file allocation method.
(C) Caching the directories and index blocks in main memory can also help in reducing disk arm movements.
(D) SCAN and C-SCAN algorithms are less likely to have a starvation problem.
Answer: B
37.       ................. maintains the list of free disk blocks in the Unix file system.
(A) I-node
(B) Boot block
(C) Super block
(D) File allocation table
Answer: C
38.       A part of Windows 2000 operating system that is not portable is
(A) Device Management
(B) Virtual Memory Management
(C) Processor Management
(D) User Interface
Answer: B
39.       Match the following with reference to Unix shell scripts :
List – I   List – II
a. $?       i. File name of the current script
b. $#       ii. List of arguments
c. $0       iii. The number of arguments
d. $*        iv. Exit status of last command
Codes :
      a    b   c   d
(A) iii    ii   i    iv
(B) ii    iii   i    iv
(C) iv   iii   i    ii
(D) i     iii   i    iv
Answer: C
40.    The advantage of ............... is that it can reference memory without paying the price of having a full memory address in the instruction.
(A) Direct addressing
(B) Indexed addressing
(C) Register addressing
(D) Register Indirect addressing
Answer: D

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