Computer General Knowledge Questions and Answers - Set 51

501.       ………… is an example of softcopy.
(A) printer
(B) Scanner
(C) Monitor
(D) Keyboard
Answer: C
502.       Processing speed in computers is measured in:
(A) Milli volts (mV)
(B) Bytes
(C) Giga Byte
(D) Giga Hertz
Answer: D
503.       DTP’ computer abbreviation usually means:
(A) Data Top Publishing
(B) Data Text Publishing
(C) Digital Text Publishing
(D) Desk Top Publishing
Answer: D
504.       Minimum number of bits essential to store any 2 digit decimal number is equal to .............
(A) 9
(B) 8
(C) 7
(D) 6
Answer: C
505.       USB stands for ...............
(A) Universal Serial Bus
(B) Universal Synchronous Bus
(C) Unified Serial Bus
(D) Ultra Speed Bus
Answer: A

506.       The type of test used in computing to check whether or not the user is a human :
(A) Debugging
(B) Cryptanalysis
(D) Black Box Testing
Answer: C
507.       Which among the following is the fastest memory component in a computer?
(A) Hard disk
(B) Registers
(C) Cache Memories
Answer: B
508.       Which among the following is not an Open Source Software?
(A) Firefox
(B) Python
(C) R Programming
(D) Tally
Answer: D
509.       What is E-mail Spoofing?
(A) E-mail that appears to have been originated from one source when it was actually sent from another source.
(B) Sending E-mail to thousands and thousands of users.
(C) Repeatedly sending an identical E-mail message to a particular address.
(D) Sending threatening E-mails.
Answer: A
510.    International Computer Security Day :
(A) December, 2nd       
(B) December, 23rd     
(C) November, 30th     
(D) July, 18th  
Answer: C

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