Computer Networks Multiple Choice Questions - Set 22

1.       Which functionality must be implemented by a transport protocol over and above the network protocol?
(A) Recovery from packet losses
(B) Detection of duplicate packets
(C) Packet delivery in the correct order
(D) End to end connectivity
Answer: D
2.       The TCP sockets are assigned address using .................... primitive.
(C) BIND           (D) CONNECT
Answer: C
3.       In cryptography the following uses transposition ciphers and the keyword is LAYER. Encrypt the following message (spaces are omitted during encryption) WELCOME TO NETWORK SECURITY!
Answer: B
4.       The length of the key in one time pad method is ....................
(A) Random      (B) Fixed
(C) 64                 (D) 56
Answer: A
5.       ............... is an example for public key algorithm.
(A) RSA             (B) DES
(C) IREA            (D) RC5
Answer: A

6.       Caeser cipher is represented as .................
(A) C = (p+3)mod3
(B) C = (p+26)mod3
(C) C = (p-3)mod26
(D) C = (p+3)mod26
Answer: D
7.       Number of rounds in Data Encryption Standard algorithm?
(A) 8 rounds                 (B) 12 rounds
(C) 16 rounds               (D) 24 rounds
Answer: C
8.       Gateways are used at .................
(A) Physical layer                    (B) MAC layer
(C) Network layer                     (D) Application layer
Answer: D
9.       Type of ATM service used for regroup timing requirements?
(A) variable bit rate      (B) constant bit rate
(C) available bit rate    (D) unspecified bit rate
Answer: B
10.    Which of the following assertions is FALSE about the Internet Protocol (IP)?
(A) It is possible for a computer to have multiple IP addresses
(B) IP packets from the same source to the same destination can take different routes in the network
(C) IP ensures that a packet is discarded if it is unable to reach its destination within a given number of hops
(D) The packet source cannot set the route of an outgoing packets; the route is determined only by the routing tables in the routers on the way
Answer: A

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