Computer Networks Multiple Choice Questions - Set 18

1.       Port number for (Simple Network Management Protocol) SNMP?
(A) 161               (B) 149
(C) 144              (D) 150
Answer: A
2.       ………….transform message into format (cyber text) that cannot be read by hackers
(A) Decryption              (B) Encryption
(C) Transformation      (D) None of these
Answer: B
3.       What is the port number for (HTTP Secure) HTTPS?
(A) 43                 (B) 443
(C) 445              (D) 444
Answer: B
4.       Port number for ECHO?
(A) 10                 (B) 7
(C) 9                   (D) 8
Answer: B
5.       What is the port number for SSH Remote login service?
(A) 22                 (B) 23
(C) 26                 (D) 29
Answer: A

6.       PPP provides a protocol for bringing lines up, testing them, negotiating options, and bringing them down again gracefully when they are no longer needed. This protocol is known as:
(A) LCP             (B) NCP
(C) TCP             (D) VCP
Answer: A
7.       PPP handles ....................
(A) Error detection       (B) Error creation
(C) Application             (D) Automation
Answer: A
8.       Expand SLIP:
(A) Section Link Internet Protocol    (B) Selection Link Input Protocol
(C) Serial Line Internet Protocol       (D) None
Answer: C
9.       ................ does not provide any form of authentication.
(A) PPP                         (B) SLIP
(C) TCP/IP                    (D) None
Answer: A
10.    ..................... allows LAN users to share computer programs and data.
(A) Communication server     (B) Print server
(C) File server                          (D) (None of these)
Answer: C

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