UGC NET Paper I Solved Questions December 2008 - Part 4

(Q.31 to 33)Study the following Venn diagram and answer the questions.
Three circles representing GRADUATES, CLERKS and GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES are intersecting. The intersections are marked A, B, C, e, f, g and h. Which part best represents the statements in questions 31 to 33?
31.       Some Graduates are Government employees but not as Clerks.
(A) h       (B) g
(C) f        (D) e
Answer: C
32.       Clerks who are graduates as well as government employees:
(A) e       (B) f
(C) g       (D) h
Answer: D
33.       Some graduates are Clerks but not Government employees.
(A) f        (B) g
(C) h       (D) e
Answer: D
Study the following graph and answer questions numbered from 34 to 35:
34.       Which of the firms got maximum profit growth rate in the year 2006?
(A) ab     (B) ce
(C) cd     (D) ef
Answer: B
35.       Which of the firms got maximum profit growth rate in the year 2007?
(A) bdf    (B) acf
(C) bcd   (D) ace
Answer: A

36.       The accounting software 'Tally' was developed by:
(A) HCL                         (B) TCS
(C) Infosys        (D) Wipro
Answer: B
37.       Errors in computer programmes are called:
(A) Follies         (B) Mistakes
(C) Bugs            (D) Spam
Answer: C
38.       HTML is basically used to design:
(A) Web-page               (B) Web-site
(C) Graphics                 (D) Tables and Frames
Answer: A
39.       'Micro Processing' is made for:
(A) Computer                (B) Digital System
(C) Calculator               (D) Electronic Goods
Answer: A
40.    Information, a combination of graphics, text, sound, video and animation is called:
(A) Multiprogramme                (B) Multifacet
(C) Multimedia                         (D) Multiprocess
Answer: C

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