CBSE UGC NET Computer Science Paper III Solved June 2015 - Part 3

21.       The transition function for the language L = {w|na(w) and nb(w) are both odd} is given by:
δ(q0, a)=q1         ;           δ(q0, b)=q2
δ(q1, a)=q0         ;           δ(q1, b)=q3
δ(q2, a)=q3         ;           δ(q2, b)=q0
δ(q3, a)=q2         ;           δ(q3, b)=q1
the initial and final states of the automata are:
(A) q0 and q0 respectively       (B) q0 and q1 respectively
(C) q0 and q2 respectively      (D) q0 and q3 respectively
Answer: D
22.       The clausal form of the disjunctive normal form ¬A¬B¬CD is:
(A) A B C D                    (B) A B C D true
(C) A B C D true        (D) A B C D false
Answer: A
23.       Which of the following is false for the programming language PROLOG?
(A) A PROLOG variable can only be assigned to a value once
(B) PROLOG is a Strongly Typed Language.
(C) The scope of a variable in PROLOG is a single clause or rule.
(D) the scope of a variable in PROLOG is a Single Query
Answer: B
24.       Which one of the following is true?
(A) The resolvent of two Horn clauses is not a Horn clause.
(B) The resolvent of two Horn clauses is a Horn Clause.
(C) If we resolve a negated goal G against a fact or rule A to get Clause C then C has positive literal and non null-goal.
(D) If we resolve a negated goal G against a fact or rule A to get clause C then C has positive literal or null goal.
Answer: B
25.       Which transmission technique guarantees that data packets will be received by the receiver in the same order in which they were sent by the sender?
(A) Broadcasting          (B) Unicasting
(C) Packet Switching  (D) Circuit Switching
Answer: D

26.       Which of the following control fields in TCP header is used to specify the sender has no more data to transmit?
(A) FIN               (B) RST
(C) SYN             (D) PSH
Answer: A
27.       Which are the two modes of IP security?
(A) Transport and Certificate (B) Transport and Tunnel
(C) Certificate and Tunnel     (D) Preshared and Transport
Answer: B
28.       A message “COMPUTERNETWORK” encrypted(ignore quotes)using columnar transposition cipher with a key “LAYER”. The encrypted message is:
Answer: C
29.       Suppose a digitized voice channel is made by digitizing 8 kHz bandwidth analog voice signal. It is required to sample the signal at twice the highest frequency (two samples per hertz). What is the bit rate required, if it is assumed that each sample requires 8 bits?
(A) 32 kbps       (B) 64 kbps
(C) 128 kbps     (D) 256 kbps
Answer: C
30.    The Maximum payload of a TCP segment is
(A) 65,535         (B) 65,515
(C) 65,495         (D) 65,475
Answer: C

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