CBSE UGC NET Computer Science Paper III Solved June 2015 - Part 2

11.       The relation schemas R1 and R2 form a Lossless join decomposition of R if and only if:
(a) R1R2→(R1-R2)
(b) R1→R2
(c) R1R2→(R2-R1)
(d) R2→R1R2
(A) (a) and (b) happens          (B) (a) and (d) happens
(C) (a) and (c) happens          (D) (b) and (c) happens
Answer: C
12.       In the indexed scheme of blocks to a file, the maximum possible size of the file depends on:
(A) The number of blocks used for index, and the size of index
(B) Size of Blocks and size of Address
(C) Size of Index
(D) Size of Block
Answer: A
13.       Give the number of principal vanishing point(s) along with their direction for the standard perspective transformation:
(A) Only one in the direction K
(B) Two in the directions I and J
(C) Three in the directions I, J and K
(D) Only two in the directions J and K
Answer: A
14.       Consider a triangle A(0, 0), B(1, 1), C(5, 2). The triangle has to be rotated by an angle of 450 about the point P(-1, -1). What shall be the coordinates of the new triangle?
(A) A'=(1, √2-1), B'=(-1, 2√2-1), C'=(3√2-1, (9/2)√2-1)
(B) A'=(1, √2-1), B'=(2√2-1, -1), C'=(3√2-1, (9/2)√2-1)
(C) A'=(-1, √2-1), B'=(-1, 2√2-1), C'=(3√2-1, (9/2)√2-1)
(D) A'=(√2-1, -1), B'=(-1, 2√2-1), C'=(3√2-1, (9/2)√2-1)
Answer: C
15.       The process of dividing an analog signal into a string of discrete outputs, each of constant amplitude, is called:
(A) Strobing                  (B) Amplification
(C) Conditioning          (D) Quantization
Answer: D

16.       Which of the following is not a basic primitive of the Graphics Kernel System(GKS) ?
(A) POLYLINE              (B) POLYDRAW
(C) FILL AREA             (D) POLYMARKER
Answer: B
17.       Which of the following statements is/are incorrect ?
(a) Mapping the co-ordinates of the points and lines that form the picture into the appropriate co-ordinates on the device or workstation is known as viewing transformation.
(b) The right handed cartesian co-ordinates system in whose coordinates we describe the picture is known as world coordinate system.
(c) The co-ordinate system that corresponds to the device or workstation where the image is to be displayed is known as physical device co-ordinate system.
(d) Left-handed co-ordinate system in which the display area of the virtual display device corresponds to the unit(|x|) square whose lower left handed corner is at origin of the co-ordinate system, is known as normalized device co-ordinate system.
(A) (a) only        (B) (a) and (b)
(C) (c) only        (D) (d) only
Answer: D
18.       Match the following
List-I                                       List-II
(a) Flood Gun                                       (i) An electron gun designed to flood the entire screen with electrons.
(b) Collector                                          (ii) Partly energised by flooding gun, stores the charge generated by the writing gun
(c) Ground                                (iii) Used to discharge the collector
(d) Phosphorus grains                       (iv) Used in memory-tube display and similar to those used in standard CRT
(e) Writing Gun System          (v) Used in memory-tube display and basically the same as the electron gun used in a conventional CRT.
      (a)   (b)   (c)  (d)  (e)
(A) (i)    (ii)    (iii) (iv)  (v)
(B) (ii)   (iii)   (i)   (iv)  (v)
(C) (iii)  (i)    (ii)   (v)  (iv)
(D) (iv)  (v)   (i)   (ii)   (iii)
Answer: A
19.       Minimal deterministic finite automaton for the language L={ 0n | n≥0, n≠4 } will have:
(A) 1 final state among 5 states
(B) 4 final states among 5 states
(C) 1 final state among 6 states
(D) 5 final states among 6 states
Answer: D
20.    The regular expression corresponding to the language L where
L={x{0,1}* | x ends with 1 and does not contain substring 00 } is:
(A) (1 + 01)* (10 + 01)              (B) (1 + 01)* 01
(C) (1 + 01)* (1 + 01)                (D) (10 + 01)* 01
Answer: C

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