UGC NET General Paper I Solved December 2011 - Part 1

1.       Photo bleeding means
(A) Photo cropping      (B) Photo placement
(C) Photo cutting         (D) Photo colour adjustment
Answer: B
2.       While designing communication strategy feed-forward studies are conducted by
(A) Audience    (B) Communicator
(C) Satellite       (D) Media
Answer: B
3.       In which language the newspapers have highest circulation?
(A) English       (B) Hindi
(C) Bengali       (D) Tamil
Answer: B
4.       Aspect ratio of TV Screen is
(A) 4 : 3              (B) 3 : 4
(C) 2 : 3              (D) 2 : 4
Answer: A
5.       Communication with oneself is known as
(A) Organisational Communication (B) Grapewine Communication
(C) Interpersonal Communication    (D) Intrapersonal Communication
Answer: D

6.       The term ‘SITE’ stands for
(A) Satellite Indian Television Experiment
(B) Satellite International Television Experiment
(C) Satellite Instructional Television Experiment
(D) Satellite Instructional Teachers Education
Answer: C
7.       What is the number that comes next in the sequence?
2, 5, 9, 19, 37, __
(A) 76     (B) 74
(C) 75     (D) 50
Answer: C
8.       Find the next letter for the series MPSV..…
(A) X       (B) Y
(C) Z       (D) A
Answer: B
9.       If ‘367’ means ‘I am happy’; ‘748’ means ‘you are sad’ and ‘469’ means ‘happy and sad’ in a given code, then which of the following represents ‘and’ in that code?
(A) 3       (B) 6
(C) 9       (D) 4
Answer: C
10.    The basis of the following classification is ‘animal’, ‘man’, ‘house’, ‘book’, and ‘student’:
(A) Definite descriptions        (B) Proper names
(C) Descriptive phrases          (D) Common names
Answer: D

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