HSST Computer Science 19/09/2012 Category No.111/2010 - Part 3

41.         The language accepted by a Push down Automata:
(A) Type0   (B) Type1      
(C) Type2   (D) Type3      
Answer: C
42.         In parallel algorithm design, the process of grouping tasks into larger tasks in order to improve performance:
(A) Agglomeration                        (B) Domain Decomposition
(C) Mapping                      (D) None of these
Answer: A
43.         A system call in Linux operating system to create a new child process, which is a copy of the parent process:
(A) access              (B) fork          
(C) flock                  (D) exec        
Answer: B
44.         A preemptive type of process scheduling strategy:
(A) Highest Response Ratio Next Scheduling
(B) Shortest Job First Scheduling
(C) First in First out Scheduling
(D) Shortest Remaining Time Next Scheduling        
Answer: D
45.         The type of geometric transformation applied to an object for repositioning it along a straight line path from one location to another:
(A) Scaling             (B) Rotation  
(C) Translation      (D) Reflection
Answer: C
46.         Vignere Cipher is a kind of:
(A) Stream Cipher                                   
(B) Mono alphabetic Cipher
(C) Poly alphabetic Cipher        
(D) Block Cipher
Answer: C
47.         Recursive Descent Parsers are a type of:
(A) LL parsers                    (B) LR parsers
(C) LALR parsers              (D) SLR parsers
Answer: A
48.         The approach used for requirements elicitation in software design and development process:
(A) View Points                 (B) Interview 
(C) Use-Cases                  (D) All of these
Answer: D
49.         The output generated by the following C program
int Update(int x)
static int y=10;
int a,count;
(A) 10  11  12         (B) 10  11  13
(C) 0  1  3               (D) Compilation Error
Answer: B
50.      Area on earth where signals of a satellite can be received:
(A) Foot-print         (B) Coverage           
(C) Range              (D) Vicinity   
Answer: A

51.      A point to point link that supports data flowing in only one direction at a time
(A) Simplex link                (B) Half Duplex link
(C) Full Duplex link          (D) Leased Line      
Answer: B
52.      A networking device used to connect similar types of LANs.
(A) Bridge               (B) Repeater
(C) Hub                  (D) Medem
Answer: A
53.      A SIM card contain:
(A) Personal Identification Number
(B) International Mobile Subscriber Identity
(C) Authentication key
(D) All of these     
Answer: D
54.      In the given tree, in what order does the vertices are processed if in-order traversal is used:
(C) CEDBIJHGFA           
(D) CBEDAFGIHJ           
Answer: B
55.      IC 74 LS 138 is a:
(A) NOR gate         (B) Decoder  
(C) Latch                (D) Tri-state Buffer
Answer: B
56.      Binary search algorithm employs the strategy of.
(A) Divide and Conquer technique
(B) Dynamic Programming
(C) Branch & Bound technique
(D) Greedy Strategy        
Answer: A
57.      Dangling-else ambiguity can be eliminated by.
(A) Matching else with nearest if
(B) Matching else with unmatched if
(C) Removing last occurrence of else
(D) Matching else with nearest unmatched if
Answer: D
58.      Among the following, a representation that can be used for designing a system as a collection of procedures or modules:
(A) Data flow diagrams    (B) Activity Chart
(C) Flow chart                   (D) ER Modeling
Answer: A
59.      In C++, the following statements causes.
int main()
int x=10,y=5;
int* p=&x;
int* q=&y;
return (0);
(A) p-a dangling reference
(B) q-a dangling reference
(C) Both p and q as dangling references
(D) None of these
Answer: C
60.      Conversion from one data type to another data type, inserted automatically by a programming language.
(A) Polymorphism             (B) Coercion
(C) Auto Binding              (D) Dynamic Binding
Answer: B

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