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Saturday, 18 July 2015

HSST Computer Science 19/09/2012 Category No.111/2010 - Part 2

21.         A hardware interface that allows for the connection of several peripheral devices to a single PCI board.
(A) SCSI     (B) SATA      
(C) ATA      (D) PCI          
Answer: A
22.         If n represents the dimension of cube and K, the radix (no. of nodes along each dimensions) then the number of nodes N of a k-ary n-cube network is:
(A) N=nk                 (B) N=logk n  
(C) N=logn k           (D) N=kn
Answer: D
23.         The output generated by the following C program:
int v=3;
int *pv;
printf(“*pv=%d v=%d”,*pv,v);
(A) *pv=0 v=0         (B) *pv=0 v=3           
(C) *pv=3 v=3        (D) *pv=3 v=0           
Answer: A
24.         A famous technique used in data warehousing:
(A) OODM              (B) OLTP       
(C) OLAP               (D) ODBC     
Answer: C
25.         The environment variable in Linux, that contain a list of directories the shell automatically recognizes.
(A) $PATH             (B) $ENV      
(C) $USER                        (D) $GREP   
Answer: A
26.         Not an Anti-virus software:
(A) McAfee             (B) Norton     
(C) AVG                  (D) TROJAN 
Answer: D
27.         The following IP address format refers to:
(A) Class A Addresses   
(B) Class B Addresses
(C) Class C Addresses   
(D) Class D Addresses   
Answer: C
28.         In C++, a pointer that is automatically being passed to a member function during its invocation is:
(A) Base pointer                (B) Derived pointer 
(C) Virtual pointer             (D) this pointer         
Answer: D
29.         With QBE, inserting records from one or more source tables into a single target table can be achieved by:
(A) Append action query
(B) Update action query
(C) Insert action query    
(D) Make table action query
Answer: A
30.      Not an example of a network debugging utility:
(A) ping                  (B) nslookup
(C) traceroute        (D) telnet
Answer: D

31.      A secure protocol for personal emails:
(A) SSL       (B) PGP
(C) RSA      (D) Kerberos
Answer: B
32.      If f and g are functions, then f(n)=q(g(n)) if:
(A) f(n)=O(g(n))    
(B) f(n)=W(g(n))    
(C) f(n)=O(g(n)) or f(n)=W(g(n))
(D) f(n)=O(g(n)) and f(n)=W(g(n))
Answer: D
33.      Simplified form of the Boolean expression Y=A’BC’D’+ABC’D’+A’BCD’+ABCD’ is:
(A) C’D’      (B) CD’          
(C) BD’       (D) BC’          
Answer: C
34.      The postfix form of the expression (A+B)*C-D/E is:
(A) AB+C*DE/-      (B) ABC*+DE/-
(C) ABCDE+*-/      (D) AB+C*DE-/        
Answer: A
35.      When a process is accessing shared modifiable data, the process is said to be in:
(A) Dead lock        (B) Critical Section  
(C) Multitasking    (D) Context Switching        
Answer: B
36.      The first MPI function call made by every MPI process is the call to:
(A) MPI_Main()      (B) MPI_Wtick()
(C) MPI_Init()         (D) MPI_Bcast()
Answer: C
37.      The output generated by the following C program does not include the value:
int n=3;
(A) 5            (B) 6   
(C) 8            (D) 16
Answer: B
38.      Boundary value analysis is a method for:
(A) White box testing       (B) Black box testing
(C) Structural testing        (D) Mutation testing
Answer: B
39.      Dijkstra’s Banker’s algorithm is used for:
(A) Deadlock Prevention
(B) Deadlock Detection  
(C) Deadlock Recovery  
(D) Deadlock Avoidance
Answer: D
40.      Ø(pÚq)º ØpÙØq is a famous law in logic known as:
(A) Euclidian Law             (B) Karnaugh Law
(C) Turing’s Law               (D) De Morgan’s Law
Answer: D

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