UGC NET Computer Science Solved Paper II December 2014 - Part 3

21.       Convert the following infix expression into its equivalent post fix expression
(A + B^ D) / (E – F) + G
(A) ABD^ + EF – / G+             (B) ABD + ^EF – / G+
(C) ABD + ^EF / – G+ (D) ABD^ + EF / – G+
Answer: A
22.       You have to sort a list L, consisting of a sorted list followed by a few ‘random’ elements. Which of the following sorting method would be most suitable for such a task ?
(A) Bubble sort             (B) Selection sort
(C) Quick sort               (D) Insertion sort
Answer: D
23.       The directory can be viewed as .................... that translates filenames into their directory entries.
(A) Symbol table          (B) Partition
(C) Swap space           (D) Cache
Answer: A
24.       Consider an array A[20, 10], assume 4 words per memory cell and the base address of array A is 100. What is the address of A[11, 5] ? Assume row major storage.
(A) 560   (B) 565
(C) 570 (D) 575
Answer: A
25.       A full binary tree with n leaves contains
(A) n nodes                   (B) log2 n nodes
(C) 2n –1 nodes           (D) 2n nodes
Answer: C
26.       The period of a signal is 10 ms. What is its frequency in Hertz ?
(A) 10                 (B) 100
(C) 1000            (D) 10000
Answer: B
27.       In a classful addressing, first four bits in Class A IP address is
(A) 1010            (B) 1100
(C) 1011            (D) 1110
Answer: A,B,C,D
28.       Which of the following algorithms is not a broadcast routing algorithm ?
(A) Flooding                             (B) Multidestination routing
(C) Reverse path forwarding             (D) All of the above
Answer: D
29.       An analog signal has a bit rate of 6000 bps and a baud rate of 2000 baud. How many data elements are carried by each signal element ?
(A) 0.336 bits/baud                  (B) 3 bits/baud
(C) 120,00,000 bits/baud        (D) None of the above
Answer: B
30.    How many distinct stages are there in DES algorithm, which is parameterized by a 56-bit key ?
(A) 16     (B) 17
(C) 18     (D) 19
Answer: D

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