UGC NET Computer Science Solved Mcqs Paper II December 2005 - Part 4

31.       The Register or main memory location which contains the effective address of the operand is known as:
(A) Pointer                                (B) Indexed register
(C) Special Locations             (D) Scratch pad
Answer: A
32.       A Top-down Parse generates:
(A) Left-most derivation
(B) Right-most derivation
(C) Right-most derivation in reverse
(D) Left-most derivation in reverse
Answer: A
33.       A general macro processor is an in built function of:
(A) Loader         (B) Linker
(C) Editor           (D) Assembler
Answer: D
34.       Which of the following is not collision Resolution Technique?
(A) Hash addressing               (B) Chaining
(C) Indexing                             (D) None of these
Answer: C
35.       Which activity is not included in the first pass of two pass assembler?
(A) build the symbol table
(B) construct the intermediate code
(C) separate mnemonic opcode and operand field
(D) none of these
Answer: D

36.       Producer consumer problem can be solved using:
(A) semaphores           (B) event counters
(C) monitors                  (D) all the above
Answer: D
37.       If you want to execute more than one program at a time, the systems software that are used must be capable of:
(A) word processing                (B) virtual memory
(C) compiling                            (D) multitasking
Answer: D
38.       Which of the following checks cannot be carried out on the input data to a system ?
(A) Consistency check           (B) Syntax check
(C) Range check                     (D) All the above
Answer: B
39.       Non modifiable procedures are called:
(A) Serially usable procedure                      
(B) Concurrent procedure
(C) Re-entrant procedure                  
(D) Top down procedure
Answer: C
40.    Banker’s algorithm is used for ................... purpose.
(A) Deadlock avoidance        
(B) Deadlock removal
(C) Deadlock prevention       
(D) Deadlock continuations
Answer: A

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