UGC NET Computer Science Solved Mcqs Paper II December 2005 - Part 2

11.       What is the output of the following C program main()
{ printf(“%d%d%d”, sizeof(3.14f), sizeof(3.14), sizeof(3.141)); }
(A) 4 4 4             (B) 4 8 8
(C) 8 4 8                        (D) 8 8 8
Answer: B
12.       The bitwise OR of 35 with 7 in C will be:
(A) 35                 (B) 7
(C) 42                 (D) 39
Answer: D
13.       Data members and member function of a class by default is respectively:
(A) private and public             (B) public
(C) public and private             (D) private
Answer: D
14.       Function overloading done at:
(A) Run time                
(B) Compile time
(C) Linking time          
(D) Switching from function to function
Answer: B
15.       What will be the value of i for the following expression:
int f = 11, i = 3;
i+ = (f >3)?i & 2:5;
(A) 2                   (B) 5
(C) 13                 (D) 12
Answer: B

16.       A schema describes:
(A) data elements                    (B) records and files
(C) record relationship                        (D) all of the above
 Answer: D
17.       One approach to standardizing storing of data:
(A) MIS                                                  (B) CODASYL
(C) Structured Programming             (D) None of the above
Answer: B
18.       In a relational schema, each tuple is divided in fields called:
(A) Relations                (B) Domains
(C) Queries                   (D) All the above
Answer: B
19.       An embedded pointer provides:
(A) Physical record key                     
(B) An inserted Index
(C) A secondary access path                       
(D) All the above
Answer: C
20.    A locked file can be:
(A) accessed by only one user
(B) modified by users with the correct password
(C) is used to hide sensitive information
(D) both (B) and (C)
Answer: A

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