UGC NET/JRF Computer Science Paper III June 2013 Solved Mcqs - Part 3

21.       Which one of the following media is multidrop?
(A) Shielded Twisted pair cable
(B) Unshielded Twisted pair cable
(C) Thick Coaxial cable
(D) Fiber Optic cable
Answer: C
22.       What is the baud rate of the standard 10 Mbps Ethernet?
(A) 10 megabaud
(B) 20 megabaud
(C) 30 megabaud
(D) 40 megabaud
Answer: B
The Ethernet uses Manchester encoding, which means it has two signal periods per bit sent. The data rate of the standard Ethernet is 100-Mbps, so the baud rate is 200 Mbaud.
23.       At any iteration of simplex method, if Δj (Zj – Cj) corresponding to any non-basic variable Xj is obtained as zero, the solution under the test is
(A) Degenerate solution        
(B) Unbounded solution
(C) Alternative solution         
(D) Optimal solution
Answer: C
24.       A basic feasible solution to a m-origin, n-destination transportation problem is said to be ................... if the number of positive allocations are less than m + n – 1.
(A) degenerate
(B) non-degenerate
(C) unbounded
(D) unbalanced
Answer: A
25.       The total transportation cost in an initial basic feasible solution to the following transportation problem using Vogel’s Approximation method is
(A) 76
(B) 80
(C) 90
(D) 96
Answer: B
26.       An actor in an animation is a small program invoked ............... per frame to determine the characteristics of some object in the animation.
(A) once
(B) twice
(C) 30 times
(D) 60 times
Answer: A
27.       Bresenham line drawing algorithm is attractive because it uses
(A) Real arithmetic only         
(B) Integer arithmetic only
(C) Floating point arithmetic 
(D) Real and integer arithmetic
Answer: B
28.       The refresh rate above which a picture stops flickering and fuses into a steady image is called ..................
(A) Crucial fusion frequency
(B) Current frequency fusion
(C) Critical fusion frequency
(D) Critically diffused frequency
Answer: C
29.       In homogenous coordinate system (x, y, z) the points with z = 0 are called
(A) Cartesian points
(B) Parallel points
(C) Origin point
(D) Point at infinity
Answer: D
30.    If 40 black lines interleaved with 40 white lines can be distinguished across one inch, the resolution is
(A) 40 line-pairs per inch      
(B) 80 line-pairs per inch
(C) 1600 lines per inch          
(D) 40 lines per inch
Answer: A

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