UGC NET Computer Science and Applications Paper III December 2012 - Part 4

31.       Which of the following flags are set when ‘JMP’ instruction is executed?
(A) SF and CF
(B) AF and CF
(C) All flags
(D) No flag is set
Answer: D
32.       A thread is a light weight process. In the above statement, weight refers to
(A) time
(B) number of resources
(C) speed
(D) All the above
Answer: B
33.       The Z-buffer algorithm is used for Hidden surface removal of objects. The maximum number of objects that can be handled by this algorithm shall
(A) Depend on the application
(B) be arbitrary no. of objects
(C) Depend on the memory availability
(D) Depend on the processor
Answer: B
In computer graphics, z-buffering, also known as depth buffering, is the management of image depth coordinates in 3D graphics, usually done in hardware, sometimes in software. It is one solution to the visibility problem, which is the problem of deciding which elements of a rendered scene are visible, and which are hidden.
34.       The power set of AUB, where A = {2, 3, 5, 7} and B = {2, 5, 8, 9} is
(A) 256
(B) 64
(C) 16
(D) 4
Answer: B
AUB = {2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9}, having 6 elements the power set have 26 = 64
35.       In Win32, which function is used to create Windows Applications?
(A) Win APP
(B) Win API
(C) Win Main
(D) Win Void
Answer: C
Every Windows program must have a WinMain()
     -Like main(), it starts first.
     -It returns an integer exit code to Windows which does nothing with it.
Four parameters are passed from Windows to WinMain():

   -hinstance: Instance handle--an ID # created by Windows when application starts.
    Each instance has a unique handle which identifies the application's data.

-hPrevInstance: If another copy of the program is started, this will contain the hInstance value for the last copy started; it is NULL (0) if no other copy is running. (Under Win32 this is not used.)

-lpszCmdLine: A pointer to a character string containing the command line arguments passed to the program. (like argc, argv in a DOS C program).

   -nCmdShow: An integer passed to the program's ShowWindow() function.
    Windows is telling the application whether its window is to appear minimized, as an
icon, normal, or maximized when it's first displayed.
36.       Suppose a processor does not have any stack pointer registers, which of the following statements is true?
(A) It cannot have subroutine call instruction.
(B) It cannot have nested subroutine calls.
(C) Interrupts are not possible.
(D) All subroutine calls and interrupts are possible.
Answer: Marks to All
Stack pointer register holds the address of top of stack, which is the location of memory at which the CPU should resume its execution after servicing some interrupt or subroutine call. So if SP register not available then no subroutine call instructions are possible.
37.       Everything below the system call interface and above the physical hardware is known as ………….
(A) Kernel
(B) Bus
(C) Shell
(D) Stub
Answer: A
38.       Which is not the correct statement?
(A) The class of regular sets is closed under homomorphisms.
(B) The class of regular sets is not closed under inverse homomorphisms.
(C) The class of regular sets is closed under quotient.
(D) The class of regular sets is closed under substitution.
Answer: B
39.       When a programming Language has the capacity to produce new datatype, it is called as,
(A) Overloaded Language
(B) Extensible Language
(C) Encapsulated Language
(D) Abstraction Language
Answer: B
40.    Which of the following operating system is better for implementing client-server network?
(A) Windows 95
(B) Windows 98
(C) Windows 2000
(D) All of these
Answer: C

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