CBSE UGC NET Computer Science Paper III Solved January 2017 - Part 5

41.       Which of the following HTML code will affect the vertical alignment of the table content?
(1) <td style = “vertical-align : middle”>Text Here</td>
(2) <td valign = “centre”>Text Here</td>
(3) <td style = “text-align : center”>Text Here</td>
(4) <td align = “middle”>Text Here</td>
Answer: 1
42.       What can you say about the following statements?
I. XML tags are case-insensitive.
II. In JavaScript, identifier names are case-sensitive.
III. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) cannot be used with XML.
IV. All well-formed XML documents must contain a document type definition.
(1) only I and II are false.
(2) only III and IV are false.
(3) only I and III are false.
(4) only II and IV are false.
Answer: Marks to all
43.       Which of the following statement(s) is/are TRUE with regard to software testing?
I. Regression testing technique ensures that the software product runs correctly after the changes during maintenance.
II. Equivalence partitioning is a white-box testing technique that divides the input domain of a program into classes of data from which test cases can be derived.
(1) only I
(2) only II
(3) both I and II
(4) neither I nor II
Answer: 1
44.       Which of the following are facts about a top-down software testing approach?
I. Top-down testing typically requires the tester to build method stubs.
II. Top-down testing typically requires the tester to build test drivers.
(1) only I
(2) Only II
(3) Both I and II
(4) Neither I nor II
Answer: 1
45.       Match the terms related to Software Configuration Management (SCM) in List-I with the descriptions in List-II.
List-1                 List-II
I. Version           A. An instance of a system that is
distributed to customers.
II. Release         B. An instance of a system which
is functionally identical to other
instances, but designed for different
hardware/software configurations.
III. Variant          C. An instance of a system that differs,
in some way, from other instances.
      I   II  III
(1) B  C  A
(2) C  A  B
(3) C  B  A
(4) B  A  C
Answer: 2

46.       A software project was estimated at 352 Function Points (FP). A four person team will be assigned to this project consisting of an architect, two programmers, and a tester. The salary of the architect is Rs.80,000 per month, the programmer Rs.60,000 per month and the tester Rs.50,000 per month. The average productivity for the team is 8 FP per person month. Which of the following represents the projected cost of the project?
(1) Rs.28,16,000
(2) Rs.20,90,000
(3) Rs.26,95,000
(4) Rs.27,50,000
Answer: 4
47.       Complete each of the following sentences in List-I on the left hand side by filling in the word or phrase from the List-II on the right hand side that best completes the sentence:
List-I                                          List-II
I. Determining whether you
have built the right system
is called .............                       A. Software testing
II. Determining whether you
have built the system right
is called .........                           B. Software verification
III. ............ is the process of
demonstrating the existence
of defects or providing
confidence that they do not
appear to be present.              C. Software debugging
IV. .......... is the process of
discovering the cause of a
defect and fixing it.                  D. Software validation
      I   II  III  IV
(1) B  D  A  C
(2) B  D  C  A
(3) D  B  C  A
(4) D  B  A  C
Answer: 4
48.       A software company needs to develop a project that is estimated as 1000 function points and is planning to use JAVA as the programming language whose approximate lines of code per function point is accepted as 50. Considering a=1.4 as multiplicative factor, b=1.0 as exponention factor for the basic COCOMO effort equation and c=3.0 as multiplicative factor, d=0.33 as exponention factor for the basic COCOMO duration equation, approximately how long does the project take to complete?
(1) 11.2 months
(2) 12.2 months
(3) 13.2 months
(4) 10.2 months
Answer: 2
49.       A memory management system has 64 pages with 512 bytes page size. Physical memory consists of 32 page frames. Number of bits required in logical and physical address are respectively:
(1) 14 and 15
(2) 14 and 29
(3) 15 and 14
(4) 16 and 32
Answer: 3
50.    Consider a disk queue with I/O requests on the following cylinders in their arriving order:
The disk head is assumed to be at cylinder 23 and moving in the direction of decreasing number of cylinders. Total number of cylinders in the disk is 150. The disk head movement using SCAN-scheduling algorithm is:
(1) 172
(2) 173
(3) 227
(4) 228
Answer: 2

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