UGC NET/JRF Computer Science Previous Solved Paper 2 December 2011 - Part 4

31.       CPU does not perform the operation
(A) data transfer                       (B) logic operation
(C) arithmetic operation          (D) all of the above
Answer: D
32.       A chip having 150 gates will be classified as
(A) SSI               (B) MSI
(C) LSI               (D) VLSI
Answer: B
33.       If an integer needs two bytes of storage, then the maximum value of unsigned integer is
(A) 216 – 1          (B) 215 – 1
(C) 216                     (D) 215
Answer: A
34.       Negative numbers cannot be represented in
(A) signed magnitude form                (B) 1’s complement form
(C) 2’s complement form                    (D) none of the above
Answer: D
35.       The cellular frequency reuse factor for the cluster size N is
(A) N                  (B) N2
(C) 1/N               (D) 1/N2
Answer: C

36.       X – = Y + 1 means
(A) X = X – Y + 1                      (B) X = –X – Y – 1
(C) X = –X + Y + 1                    (D) = X – Y – 1
Answer: A
37.       Handoff is the mechanism that
(A) transfer an ongoing call from one base station to another
(B) initiating a new call
(C) dropping an ongoing call
(D) none of above
Answer: A
38.       Which one of the following statement is false?
(A) Context-free languages are closed under union.
(B) Context-free languages are closed under concatenation.
(C) Context-free languages are closed under intersection.
(D) Context-free languages are closed under Kleene closure.
Answer: D
39.       All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks except
(A) Hackers                   (B) Spam
(C) Viruses                   (D) Identify theft
Answer: B
40.    Identify the incorrect statement :
(A) The ATM adoption layer is not service dependent.
(B) Logical connections in ATM are referred to as virtual channel connections.
(C) ATM is streamlined protocol with minimal error and flow control capabilities
(D) ATM is also known as cell delays.
Answer: A

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  1. In question 38, Which one of the following statement is false? Answer is intersection not kleene closure. Please modify it.

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