NET Computer Science June 2012 Questions and Answers Paper II - Part 5

41.       What is the routing algorithm used by RIP and IGRP ?
(A) OSPF                      (B) Link-state
(C) Dynamic                 (D) Dijkestra vector
Answer: D
42.       Identify the incorrect statement :
(A) The overall strategy drives the E-Commerce data warehousing strategy.
(B) Data warehousing in an E-Commerce environment should be done in a classical manner.
(C) E-Commerce opens up an entirely new world of web server.
(D) E-Commerce security threats can be grouped into three major categories.
Answer: D
43.       Reliability of software is directly dependent on
(A) quality of the design
(B) number of errors present
(C) software engineers experience
(D) user requirement
Answer: B
44.       ……………. is not an E-Commerce application.
(A) House banking                  (B) Buying stocks
(C) Conducting an auction    (D) Evaluating an employee
Answer: D
45.       …………. is a satellite based tracking system that enables the determination of person’s position.
(A) Bluetooth   
(C) Short Message Service
(D) Global Positioning System
Answer: D

46.       A complete microcomputer system consists of
(A) Microprocessor                  (B) Memory
(C) Peripheral equipment      (D) All of the above
Answer: D
47.       Where does a computer add and compare data ?
(A) Hard disk                (B) Floppy disk
(C) CPU chip                (D) Memory chip
Answer: C
48.       Pipelining strategy is called implement
(A) instruction execution                    (B) instruction prefetch
(C) instruction decoding                    (D) instruction manipulation
Answer: B
49.       Which of the following data structure is linear type ?
(A) Strings         (B) Lists
(C) Queues       (D) All of the above
Answer: D
50.    To represent hierarchical relationship between elements, which data structure is suitable?
(A) Dequeue    (B) Priority
(C) Tree             (D) All of the above
Answer: C

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