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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

CBSE UGC NET Computer Science Paper III Solved June 2015 - Part 8

71.       Let A and B be two fuzzy integers defined as:
A={(1,0.3), (2,0.6), (3,1), (4,0.7), (5,0.2)}
B={(10,0.5), (11,1), (12,0.5)}
Using fuzzy arithmetic operation given by
(A) {(11,0.8), (13,1), (15,1)}
(B) {(11,0.3), (12,0.5), (13,1), (14,1), (15,1), (16,0.5), (17,0.2)}
(C) {(11,0.3), (12,0.5), (13,0.6), (14,1), (15,1), (16,0.5), (17,0.2)}
(D) {(11,0.3), (12,0.5), (13,0.6), (14,1), (15,0.7), (16,0.5), (17,0.2)}
Answer: D

72.       Suppose the function y and a fuzzy integer number around -4 for x are given as
Around -4={(2,0.3), (3,0.6), (4,1), (5,0.6), (6,0.3)} respectively. Then f(Around -4) is given by:
(A) {(2,0.6), (3,0.3), (6,1), (11,0.3)}
(B) {(2,0.6), (3,1), (6,1), (11,0.3)}
(C) {(2,0.6), (3,1), (6,0.6), (11,0.3)}
(D) {(2,0.6), (3,0.3), (6,0.6), (11,0.3)}
Answer: C
73.       Match the following for unix system calls:
List-I                           List-II
(a) exec                         (i) Creates a new process
(b) brk                            (ii) Invokes another program overlaying memory
space with a copy of an executable file
(c) wait                           (iii) To increase or decrease the size of data region
(d) fork                           (iv) A process synchronizes with termination of child process
      (a)   (b)  (c)  (d)
(A) (ii)   (iii)  (iv)  (i)
(B) (iii)  (ii)   (iv)  (i)
(C) (iv)  (iii)  (ii)   (i)
(D) (iv)  (iii)  (i)   (ii)
Answer: A
74.       WOW32 is a:
(A) Win 32 API library for creating processes and threads.
(B) Special kind of file system to the NT name space.
(C) Kernel - mode objects accessible through Win32 API
(D) Special execution environment used to run 16 bit Windows applications on 32 - bit machines.
Answer: D
75.       The Unix command:
$ vi file1 file2
(A) Edits file1 and stores the contents of file1 in file2
(B) Both files i.e. file1 and file2 can be edited using ‘ex’ command to travel between files
(C) Both files can be edited using the ‘mv’ command to move between the files
(D) Edits file1 first, saves it and the edits file2
Answer: B

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