UGC NET General Paper I Solved June 2009 - Part 4

Questions 31 and 32 are based on the following Venn diagram in which there are three intersecting circles representing Hindi knowing persons, English knowing persons and persons who are working as teachers. Different regions so obtained in the figure are marked as a, b, c, d, e, f and g.
31.       If you want to select Hindi and English knowing teachers, which of the following is to be selected?
(A) g       (B) b   
(C) c       (D) e
Answer: C
32.       If you want to select persons, who do not know English and are not teachers, which of the region is to be selected?
(A) e       (B) g
(C) b       (D) a
Answer: B
Study the following graph carefully and answer questions 33 to 35.
33.       In which year the quantity of engineering goods' exports was maximum?
(A) 2005                        (B) 2006   
(C) 2004                        (D) 2007
Answer: B
34.       In which year the value of engineering goods decreased by 50 percent compared to the previous year?
(A) 2004                        (B) 2007   
(C) 2005                        (D) 2006
Answer: B
35.       In which year the quantity of exports was 100 percent higher than the quantity of previous year?
(A) 2004                        (B) 2005   
(C) 2006                        (D) 2007
Answer: C

36.       What do you need to put your web pages on the www?
(A) a connection to internet   (B) a web browser
(C) a web server                      (D) all of the above
Answer: D
37.       Which was the first company to launch mobile phone services in India?
(A) Essar           (B) BPL   
(C) Hutchison  (D) Airtel
Answer: D
38.       Chandrayan I was launched on 22nd October, 2008 in India from:
(A) Bangalore   (B) Sri Harikota       
(C) Chennai     (D) Ahmedabad
Answer: B
39.       What is blog?
(A) Online music
(B) Intranet
(C) A personal or corporate website in the form of an online journal
(D) A personal or corporate Google search
Answer: C
40.    Which is not online Indian Matrimonial website?
Answer: D

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