UGC NET Computer Science Paper II June 2011 - Part 1

1.       Any integer composed of 3n identical digits divisible by
(A) 2n                  (B) 3n
(C) 5n                 (D) 7n
Answer: B
2.       The circumferences of the two concentric disks are divided into 100 sections each. For the outer disk, 100 of the sections are painted red and 100 of the sections are painted blue. For the inner disk, the sections are painted red and blue in an arbitrary manner. It is possible to align the two disks so that …………… of the sections on the inner disks have their colours matched with the corresponding section on outer disk.
(A) 100 or more            (B) 125 or more
(C) 150 or more            (D) 175 or more
Answer: A
3.       The proposition ~pÚq is equivalent to
(A) p®q                         (B) q®p
(C) p«q                                    (D) pÚq
Answer: A
4.       The absorption law in Boolean algebra say that
(A) X + X = X
(B) X . X = X
(C) x + x . y = x
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
5.       The number of 1’s present in the binary representation of
10 × 256 + 5 × 16 + 5 is
(A) 5                   (B) 6
(C) 7                   (D) 8
Answer: B

6.       The hexadecimal number equivalent to (1762.46)8 is
(A) 3F2.89         (B) 3F2.98
(C) 2F3.89         (D) 2F3.98
Answer: B
7.       (A + B)(AB)’ is equivalent to
(A) AÅB                         (B) AʘB
(C) (AÅB)ʘA                (D) (AʘB)ÅA
Answer: A
8.       A latch is constructed using two cross-coupled
(A) AND and OR gates                       (B) AND gates
(C) NAND and NOR gates                 (D) NAND gates
Answer: D
9.       A multiplexer is a logic circuit that
(A) accepts one input and gives several output
(B) accepts many inputs and gives many output
(C) accepts many inputs and gives one output
(D) accepts one input and gives one output
Answer: C
10.    8-bit 1’s complement form of –77.25 is
(A) 01001101.0100
(B) 01001101.0010
(C) 10110010.1011
(D) 10110010.1101
Answer: C

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