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Sunday, 21 December 2014

UGC NET/JRF Computer Science Previous Solved Paper 2 December 2011 - Part 1

1.       Which of the following data structure is Non-linear type?
(A) Strings         (B) Lists
(C) Stacks         (D) None of the above
Answer: D
2.       The total number of comparisons in a bubble sort is
(A) 0(log n)                    (B) 0(n log n)
(C) 0(n)                          (D) None of the above
Answer: B
3.       Which of the following is a bad example of recursion?
(A) Factorial                              (B) Fibonacci numbers
(C) Tower of Hanai                  (D) Tree traversal
Answer: B
4.       Domain and Range of the function
Y = –√(–2x + 3) is
(A) x≥3/2, y≥0               (B) x>3/2, y≤0
(C) x≥3/2, y≤0               (D) x≤3/2, y≤0
Answer: D
5.       Maximum number of edges in a n-Node undirected graph without self loop is
(A) n2                             (B) n(n – 1)
(C) n(n + 1)                   (D) n(n – 1)/2
Answer: D

6.       A hash table has space for 75 records, then the probability of collision before the table is 6% full.
(A) .25                (B) .20
(C) .35                (D) .30
Answer: B
On .75th  insertion probability of collision = 1/75
On 1.5th  insertion probability of collision = 2/75
On 2.25th insertion probability of collision = 3/75
On 3th insertion probability of collision = 4/75
On 3.75th insertion probability of collision = 5/75
So the required probability is 1+2+3+4+5/75 = .20
7.       BCC in the internet refers to
(A) Black carbon copy                        (B) Blind carbon copy
(C) Blank carbon copy                        (D) Beautiful carbon copy
Answer: B
8.       Hub is a term used with
(A) A Star Networks                 (B) A Ring Networks
(C) A Router                             (D) A Bridge
Answer: A
9.       The amount of uncertainty in a system of symbol is called
(A) Bandwidth              (B) Entropy
(C) Loss                         (D) Quantum
Answer: B
10.    Which of the following network access standard disassembler is used for connection station to a packet switched network?
(A) X.3                           (B) X.21
(C) X.25                         (D) X.75
Answer: C

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  1. Question 2nd ans is D
    The total number of comparisons, therefore, is (n - 1) + (n - 2)...(2) + (1) = n(n - 1)/2 or O(n 2)