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UGC NET Computer Science Solved Question Paper II June 2006 - Part 2

21.       In the balanced binary tree given below, how many nodes will become unbalanced when a node is inserted as a child of the node ‘g’.
(A) 1                   (B) 3
(C) 7                   (D) 8
Answer: B
22.       Pre order is also known as:
(A) Depth first order                 (B) Breadth first order
(C) Topological order              (D) Linear order
Answer: A
23.       Which of the following statement is false ?
(A) Every tree is a bipartite graph
(B) A tree contains a cycle
(C) A tree with n nodes contains (n-1) edges
(D) A tree is connected graph
Answer: B
24.       If the postfix form of a string is ABC+-D*, the actual string is:
(A) (A-(B+C))*D           
(B) ((A-B)+C)*D
(C) ((A+B)-C)*D           
(D) (A+(B-C)*D)
Answer: A
25.       Application of data structure queue is:
(A) Level wise printing of tree
(B) Implementation of priority queues
(C) Function call implementation
(D) Depth first search in a graph
Answer: B
26.       What is the transmission signal coding method for a T1 carrier called ?
(A) Binary                      (B) NRZ
(C) Bipolar                    (D) Manchester
Answer: C
27.       How much bandwidth is required to send 132 voice-grade channels by FDM on an international satellite system ?
(A) 500 MHz                 (B) 10 MHz
(C) 1320 MHz               (D) 50 MHz
Answer: A
28.       What is the difference between the Ethernet frame preamble field and the IEEE 802.3 preamble and start of frame Delimiter fields ?
(A) 1 byte           (B) 1 bit
(C) 4 bits            (D) 16 bits
Answer: A
29.       What is the function of a translating bridge ?
(A) Connect similar remote LANs
(B) Connect similar local LANs
(C) Connect different types of LANs
(D) Translate the network addresses into a layer 2 address
Answer: C
30.    The program used to determine the round-trip delay between a workstation and a destination address is:
(A) Tracert         (B) Traceroute
(C) Ping             (D) Pop
Answer: B

31.    Which statement is wrong ?
(A) If linked origin ≠ translated origin, relocation must be performed by the linker
(B) If load ≠ linked origin, the loader must perform relocation
(C) A linker always perform relocation, whereas some loaders do not
(D) None of these
Answer: D
32.    Tasks done in parsing are:
(A) Check the validity of a source string
(B) Determine the syntactic structure of a source string
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these
Answer: C
33.    YACC builds up ................. parsing table.
(A) LALR           (B) LR
(C) SLR             (D) LLR
Answer: A
34.    The action of passing the source program into the proper syntactic class is known as:
(A) Syntax analysis                
(B) Lexical analysis
(C) Interpretation analysis    
(D) Uniform symbol generation
Answer: B
35.    The dynamic binding occurs during the:
(A) Compile time                      (B) Run time
(C) Linking time                       (D) Pre-processing time
Answer: B
36.    The first operating system of Microprocessor is ...................
(A) ATLAS                     (B) CP/M
(C) SAGE                      (D) T.H.E
Answer: B
37.    In processor management, round robin method essentially uses the preemptive version of ...................
(A) FILO             (B) FIFO
(C) SJF              (D) Longest time first
Answer: B
38.    A page fault ..................
(A) is an error in specific page
(B) is an access to the page not currently in main memory
(C) occurs when a page program accesses a page of memory
(D) is reference to the page which belongs to another program
Answer: B
39.    .................. synchronize critical resources to prevent deadlock.
(A) P-operator               (B) V-operator
(C) Semaphores          (D) Hard disk
Answer: C
40.    The memory allocation scheme subjected to “external” fragmentation is:
(A) Segmentation                   
(B) Swapping
(C) Demand paging               
(D) Multiple contiguous fixed partitions
Answer: A
41.    In software project planning, work Breakdown structure must be .................
(A) A graph                   (B) A tree
(C) A Euler’s graph     (D) None of the above
Answer: B
42.    In Software Metrics, McCABE’s cyclomatic number is given by following formula:
(A) c=e-n+2p                (B) c=e-n-2p
(C) c=e+n+2p               (D) c=e-n*2p
Answer: A
43.    In a good software design, ................ coupling is desirable between modules.
(A) Highest                   (B) Lowest
(C) Internal                   (D) External
Answer: B
44.    System study yields the following:
(A) Requirement specifications       
(B) Prevailing process description
(C) Data source identification                      
(D) All the above
Answer: D
45.    The COCOMO model is used for ..................
(A) software design                            
(B) software cost estimation
(C) software cost approximation      
(D) software analysis
Answer: B
46.    MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) uses ............... types of messages to perform messaging transactions.
(A) 4                   (B) 6
(C) 8                   (D) 10
Answer: C
47.    Bluetooth technology uses the transmission media.
(A) Radio links                         (B) Microwave links
(C) VSAT communication      (D) Optical fiber links
Answer: A
48.    Downflow is the process associated with .................. and backup of data in a warehouse.
(A) packaging               (B) archiving
(C) extraction                (D) loading
Answer: B
49.    Predictive modelling in data mining uses .................. technique.
(A) Statistical                (B) Association Discovery
(C) Value prediction    (D) None of these
Answer: A
50.    The use of smart card represents a form of:
(A) password encryption        (B) user-ID encryption
(C) authorization                     (D) authentication
Answer: C, D

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