NTA UGC NET General Paper I December 2019 (04-12-2019) - Part 3

21.         Information overload in a classroom environment by a teacher will lead to
(1) High level participation               (2) Semantic precision
(3) Effective impression                  (4) Delayed feedback
Answer: 4
22.         According to classical Indian school of logic, what is the correct sequence of steps involved in Anumana (influence)?
(1) Upanaya, Pratijna, Hetu, Udaharana, Nigamana
(2) Pratijna, Hetu, Upanaya, Udaharana, Nigamana
(3) Pratijna, Upanaya, Hetu, Udaharana, Nigamana
(4) Pratijna, Hetu, Udaharana, Upanaya, Nigamana
Answer: 4
23.         Which of the following modes of communication can be employed in a classroom for effective teaching?
(a) Top down
(b) Iconic
(c) Associational
(d) Dissociational
(e) Symbolic
(f) Abstract
Choose the most appropriate option from the following:
(1) (a), (b) and (f)                 (2) (c), (e) and (f)
(3) (b), (c) and (e)                (4) (a), (c) and (d)
Answer: 3
24.         The sum of a number and its inverse is -4. The sum of their cubes is:
(1) -52             (2) 52
(3) 64              (4) -64
Answer: 1
25.         A university teacher plans to improve the study habits of students in his/her class. Which type of research paradigm will be helpful in this regard?
(1) Evaluation research paradigm
(2) Fundamental research paradigm
(3) Applied research paradigm
(4) Action research paradigm
Answer: 4


The following table gives the percentage of marks obtained by 6 students in 5 different subjects in an examination. The numbers in the parenthesis give the maximum marks in each subject.
Answer the given questions (Q.26 to Q.30) based on the table:
26.         What is the overall percentage of marks obtained by Amar?
(1) 70%                     (2) 72%
(3) 60%                     (4) 58.33%
Answer: 2
27.         In which subject the performance of the students is worst in terms of percentage of marks?
(1) Chemistry             (2) Physics
(3) Biology                 (4) English
Answer: 4
28.         What was the aggregate of marks obtained by Sanya in all the five subjects?
(1) 375                      (2) 395
(3) 455                      (4) 475
Answer: 3
29.         What is the average marks obtained by all the six students in chemistry?
(1) 86.66                    (2) 76.66
(3) 66.66                    (4) 60.00
Answer: 1
30.     How many students obtained 60% and above marks in all the subjects?
(1) Three                   (2) Two
(3) One                      (4) Zero
Answer: 2

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