UGC NET/JRF Computer Science Paper III June 2013 Solved Mcqs - Part 6

51.       Trace the error:
void main( )
int *b, &a;
*b = 20
printf(“%d, %d”, a, *b)
(A) No error
(B) Logical error
(C) Syntax error
(D) Semantic error
Answer: C
52.       Match the following:
List - I
a. calloc( )
b. free( )
c. malloc( )
d. realloc( )
List - II
i. Frees previously allocated space
ii. Modifies previously allocated space
iii. Allocates space for array
iv. Allocates requested size of space
      a   b   c   d
(A) iii   i    iv   ii
(B) iii   ii    i   iv
(C) iii   iv   i   ii
(D) iv   ii   iii   i
Answer: A
53.       Binary symmetric channel uses
(A) Half duplex protocol        
(B) Full duplex protocol
(C) Bit oriented protocol        
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
54.       Hamming distance between 100101000110 and 110111101101 is
(A) 3
(B) 4
(C) 5
(D) 6
Answer: D
55.       Given code word 1110001010 is to be transmitted with even parity check bit. The encoded word to be transmitted for this code is
(A) 11100010101
(B) 11100010100
(C) 1110001010
(D) 111000101
Answer: A
56.       The number of distinct binary images which can be generated from a given binary image of right M × N are
(A) M + N
(B) M × N
(C) 2M + N
(D) 2MN
Answer: D
57.       If f(x, y) is a digital image, then x, y and amplitude values of f are
(A) Finite
(B) Infinite
(C) Neither finite nor infinite
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
58.       Consider the following processes with time slice of 4 milliseconds (I/O requests are ignored):
Process                         A         B         C         D
Arrival time        0          1          2          3
CPU cycle         8          4          9          5
The average turnaround time of these processes will be
(A) 19.25 milliseconds
(B) 18.25 milliseconds
(C) 19.5 milliseconds
(D) 18.5 milliseconds
Answer: B
59.       A job has four pages A, B, C, D and the main memory has two page frames only. The job needs to process its pages in following order:
Assuming that a page interrupt occurs when a new page is brought in the main memory, irrespective of whether the page is swapped out or not. The number of page interrupts in FIFO and LRU page replacement algorithms are
(A) 9 and 7
(B) 7 and 6
(C) 9 and 8
(D) 8 and 6
Answer: C
60.    Suppose S and Q are two semaphores initialized to 1. P1 and P2 are two processes which are sharing resources.
P1 has statements     P2 has statements
wait(S) ;                         wait(Q) ;
wait(Q) ;                         wait(S) ;
critical section1;           critical section 2;
signal(S) ;                     signal(Q) ;
signal(Q) ;                     signal(S) ;
Their execution may sometimes lead to an undesirable situation called
(A) Starvation
(B) Race condition
(C) Multithreading
(D) Deadlock
Answer: D

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