Maharashtra SET Computer Science Paper II April 2017 - Part 4

31.       Which of the following is not an assembler directive ?
Answer: B
32.       Which is a permanent database in the general model of compiler ?
(A) Literal table
(B) terminal table
(C) Identifier table
(D) Source code
Answer: B
33.       What are the functions of linking loader ?
(A) Relocation operation
(B) Automatic library search
(C) Loading of linked program into memory
(D) All of the above
Answer: D
34.       LISP is a/an :
(A) Compiler
(B) Interpreter
(C) Pre-processor
(D) Pre-sorting
Answer: *
35.       Which is the post-fix notation of the following ?
(1 + 5) + (3 – 2)
(A) 32 + 15 – + 
(B) 15 – 32 – + 
(C) 15 + 32 – +
(D) 32 – 15 + –
Answer: C
36.       In paging with 224 bytes of physical memory, 256 bytes of logical address space and a page size of 210 bytes. How many entries are in the page table ?
(A) 1024
(B) 256
(C) 4096
(D) 512
Answer: B
37.       Banker's algorithm is used for :
(A) Deadlock detection
(B) Livelock detection
(C) Deadlock avoidance
(D) Resource allocation
Answer: C
38.       What is a special file in Unix file system ?
(A) A file assigned to a device attached to a system.
(B) A file used to exchange data among processes.
(C) A file containing the list of filenames and their unique identifiers.
(D) A file containing pathname of file to which it is linked.
Answer: A
39.       Which attribute of the file will be affected by writing on the file ?
(A) Identifier
(B) Time and date
(C) Creator
(D) Type
Answer: B
40.    The editor and compiler pair in Unix is:
(A) ed, cp
(B) edit, comp
(C) tedit, tcc
(D) vi, gcc
Answer: D

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