Maharashtra SET Computer Science Paper II April 2017 - Part 5

41.       In dealing with complex software building problems, one of the solutions is to use concept of incremental development process and methodology. This involves the important aspect of :
(A) Team based development
(B) subgroup based development
(C) Separate group development
(D) Distinct group development
Answer: A
42.       As per the principles of software engineering, among many software products quality attributes, the following two are mostly included :
(A) modifiability and client operability
(B) Client operability and public interest consistency
(C) Interoperability and modifiability
(D) Modifiability and client operability
Answer: C
43.       CMMI's purpose is to provide guidance for improving the process of organisation and its ability. It involves the following three major factors :
(A) Develop, manage and support
(B) Develop, manage and assess
(C) Develop, validate and assess
(D) Manage, validate and assess
Answer: A
44.       In case of usability, evaluation and testing, the analysis of application interface (UI) is done, which includes one of the most important criteria of :
(A) No. of times the design dialogs involved for UI
(B) No. of tasks completed within some predefined time interval
(C) No. of reversal of actions done
(D) No. of informative feedback involved.
Answer: B
45.       The term ‘Refactoring' can not refer to :
(A) altering code behaviour
(B) improving code style
(C) dealing with 'Bad Smells'
(D) dealing with inappropriate intimacy
Answer: A
46.       The practice of forging a return address on an email so that recipient is fooled into revealing private information is termed as :
(A) Hacking
(B) Tampering
(C) Spoofing
(D) Cracking
Answer: C
47.       What are the truth values of the two following statements ?
(i) In GSM only TDMA is used.
(ii) The cells or subdivisions of a geographical area in a cellular network are always hexagonal.
(A) False, True
(B) True, False
(C) True, True
(D) False, False
Answer: D
48.       In web mining, a word that appears frequently but still loses its importance, belongs to the set of words known as :
(A) Word stem
(B) Stop list
(C) Word net
(D) Frequency list
Answer: B
49.       In Win 32-windows programming, one can place a message in application queue by calling :
(A) Send Message ( )
(B) Paste Message ( )
(C) Save Message ( )
(D) Post Message ( )
Answer: D
50.    Which of the following is not true for SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data Stream) parallel computing architecture ?
(A) SIMD computer requires more memory than MIMD computer.
(B) SIMD computer requires less hardware than MIMD computer.
(C) SIMD computers require extensive design effort.
(D) SIMD computers require ‘Activity Mask' to support selective execution.
Answer: A

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