Maharashtra SET Computer Science Paper II April 2017 - Part 3

21.       A mathematical model with a collection of operations defined on the model is called :
(A) Data structure
(B) Abstract data type
(C) Primitive data type
(D) Algorithm
Answer: B
22.       The data structure required for breadth first traversal on a graph is :
(A) Queue
(B) Stack
(C) Array
(D) Tree
Answer: A
23.       How many nodes in a tree have no ancestors ?
(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) 2
(D) n
Answer: B
24.       If h is any hashing function and is used to hash n keys into a table of size m, where n<=m, the expected number of collisions involving a particular key x is :
(A) less than 1
(B) less than n
(C) less than m
(D) less than n/2
Answer: A
25.       Merging 4 sorted files containing 50, 10, 25 and 15 records will take  time.
(A) O(100)
(B) O(200)
(C) O(175)
(D) O(125)
Answer: A
26.       IEEE 802.3 standard uses Bi-phase Manchester encoding due to :
(A) Self-clocking nature of code
(B) High-band rate of code
(C) High-bit rate of code
(D) Options (B) and (C) only
Answer: A
27.       The main enhancement to fast Ethernet from earlier Ethernet is done for :
(A) Higher data rate
(B) Decreased collision domain
(C) Reduced minimum frame length
(D) Option (a) and (b) only
Answer: D
28.       Sliding window protocol is used by :
(A) Connectionless protocols
(B) Connection oriented protocols
(C) Datagram oriented protocols
(D) Circuit switching protocols
Answer: B
29.       The modeling of computer networks is normally represented as set of layers due to :
(A) Dividing the complex task into manageable subtask.
(B) Modularity and clear interface of the components.
(C) To ensure independence of each other layer implementation without disturbing the other layer.
(D) All of the above
Answer: D
30.    Which protocol is connection oriented asynchronous protocol ?
Answer: B

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