UGC NET Computer Science June 2014 Solved Paper II - Part 5

41.       Match the following:
List-I                                                      List-II
a. Automatic Storage Class               i. Scope of the variable is global.
b. Register Storage Class                  ii. Value of the variable persists
between different function calls.
c. Static Storage Class                       iii. Value stored in memory and local
to the block in which the variable is defined.
d. External Storage Class                  iv. Value stored in CPU registers.
      a    b    c    d
(A) iii    iv    i    ii
(B) iii    iv   ii    i
(C) iv   iii    ii    i
(D) iv   iii    i    ii
Answer: B
42.       When we pass an array as an argument to a function, what actually gets passed ?
(A) Address of the array
(B) Values of the elements of the array
(C) Base address of the array
(D) Number of elements of the array
Answer: C
43.       While (87) printf("computer");
The above C statement will
(A) print "computer" 87 times
(B) print "computer" 0 times
(C) print "computer" 1 times
(D) print "computer" infinite times
Answer: D
44.       A friend function can be used to
(A) avoid arguments between classes.
(B) allow access to classes whose source code is unavailable
(C) allow one class to access an unrelated class.
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
45.       Which of the following is the correct value returned to the operating system upon the successful completion of a program?
(A) 0                   (B) 1
(C) -1                  (D) Program do not return a value.
Answer: A

46.       Manager's salary details are hidden from the employee. This is called as
(A) Conceptual level data hiding
(B) Physical level data hiding
(C) External level data hiding
(D) Local level data hiding
Answer: C
47.       Which of the following statements is false ?
(A) Any relation with two attributes is in BCNF.
(B) A relation in which every key has only one attribute is in 2NF.
(C) A prime attribute can be transitively dependent on a key in 3NF relation.
(D) A prime attribute can be transitively dependent on a key in BCNF relation.
Answer: D
48.       A clustering index is created when ................
(A) primary key is declared and ordered
(B) no key ordered
(C) foreign key ordered
(D) there is no key and no order
Answer: A
49.       Let R ={A, B, C, D, E, F} be a relation schema with the following dependencies C→F,E→A,EC→D,A→B
Which of the following is a key for R ?
(A) CD   (B) EC
(C) AE    (D) AC
Answer: B
50.    Match the following:
List-I                                          List-II
a.DDL                                        i. LOCK TABLE
b. DML                                       ii. COMMIT
c. TCL                                        iii. Natural Difference
d. BINARY Operation             iv. REVOKE
      a    b    c    d
(A) ii     i    iii    iv
(B) i     ii    iv    iii
(C) iii   ii    i     iv
(D) iv   i    ii     iii
Answer: D

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