UGC NET Computer Science June 2014 Solved Paper II - Part 3

21.       Consider the graph given below as :
Which one of the following graph is isomorphic to the above graph?
Answer: C
22.       The upper bound and lower bound for the number of leaves in a B-Tree of degree K with height h is given by:
(A) Kh and 2ΓK/2˥h-1
(B) K*h and 2ʟK/2˩h-1
(C) Kh and 2ʟK/2˩h-1
(D) K*h and 2ΓK/2˥h-1
Answer: A
23.       Consider a complete bipartite graph km,n. For which values of m and n does this, complete graph have a Hamilton circuit
(A) m=3, n=2                 (B) m=2, n=3
(C) m=n≥2                     (D) m=n≥3
Answer: C
24.       Big-O estimates for the factorial function and the logarithm of the factorial function i.e. n! and log n! is given by
(A) O(n!) and O(n log n)
(B) O(nn) and O(n log n)
(C) O(n!) and O(log n!)
(D) O(nn) and O(log n!)
Answer: B
25.       How many cards must be chosen from a deck to guarantee that atleast
i. two aces of two kinds are chosen.
ii. two aces are chosen.
iii. two cards of the same kind are chosen.
iv. two cards of two different kinds are chosen
(A) 50, 50, 14, 5                        (B) 51, 51, 15, 7
(C) 52, 52, 14, 5                       (D) 51, 51, 14, 5
Answer: A

26.       Match the following with respect to the mobile computing technologies :
List-I                                       List-II
a. GPRS                        i. An integrated digital radio standard
b. GSM                          ii.3G wireless/Mobile technology
c. UMTS                                    iii. Nine different schemes for modulation and error correction
d. EDGE                        iv. An emerging wireless service that offers a mobile data
      a   b   c   d
(A) iii  iv   ii    i
(B) iv   i   ii    iii
(C) ii   iii  iv   i
(D) ii   i   iv   iii
Answer: B
27.       Object Request Broker (ORB) is
I. A software program that runs on the client as well as on the application server.
II. A software program that runs on the client side only.
III. A software program that runs on the application server, where most of the components reside.
(A) I,II and III     (B) I & II
(C) II & III           (D) I only
Answer: D
28.       A software agent is defined as
I. A software developed for accomplishing a given task.
II. A computer program which is capable of acting on behalf of the user in order to accomplish a given computational task.
III. An open source software for accomplishing a given task.
(A) I        (B) II
(C) III      (D) All of the above
Answer: B
29.       Match the following:
List-I                                       List-II
a. Classification           i. Principal Component Analysis
b. Clustering                 ii. Branch and Bound
c. Feature Extraction   iii. K-nearest neighbour
d. Feature Selection   iv. K-means
      a    b    c    d
(A) iii   iv    ii     i
(B) iv   iii    i     ii
(C) iii   iv    i     ii
(D) iv   iii    ii    i
Answer: C
30.    SET, an open encryption and security specification model that is designed for protecting credit card transactions on the internet, stands for
(A) Secure Electronic Transaction
(B) Secular Enterprise for Transaction
(C) Security Electronic Transmission
(D) Secured Electronic Termination
Answer: A

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