CBSE UGC NET Computer Science Paper II Solved July 2016 - Part 3

21.       Consider the following binary search tree:
If we remove the root node, which of the node from the left subtree will be the new root?
(A) 11                 (B) 12
(C) 13                 (D) 16
Answer: D
22.       Consider the following operations performed on a stack of size 5:
Push(a); Pop(); Push(b); Push(c); Pop();
Push(d); Pop(); Pop(); Push(e);
Which of the following statements is correct?
(A) Underflow occurs 
(B) Stack operations are performed smoothly
(C) Overflow occurs
(D) None of the above
Answer: B
23.       Suppose you are given a binary tree with n nodes, such that each node has exactly either zero or two children. The maximum height of the tree will be
(A) n/2 - 1                      (B) n/2 + 1
(C) (n-1)/2                     (D) (n+1)/2
Answer: C
24.       Which of the following is not an inherent application of stack?
(A) Implementation of Stack  (B) Evaluation of a postfix expression
(C) Job Scheduling                 (D) Reverse a string
Answer: C
25.       In how many ways can the string
A ∩ B - A ∩ B - A
be fully parenthesized to yield an infix expression?
(A) 15                 (B) 14
(C) 13                 (D) 12
Answer: B

26.       A multiplexer combines four 100-Kbps channels using a time slot of 2 bits. What is the bit rate?
(A) 100 Kbps                (B) 200 Kbps
(C) 400 kbps                 (D) 1000 Kbps
Answer: C
27.       In a fully-connected mesh network with 10 computers, total .............. number of cables are required and ................ number of ports are required for each device.
(A) 40, 9             (B) 45, 10
(C) 45, 9                        (D) 50, 10
Answer: C
28.       In TCP/IP Reference model, the job of ............... layer is to permit hosts to inject packets into any network and travel them independently to the destination.
(A) Physical                  (B) Transport
(C) Application             (D) Host-to-network
Answer: Marks to all
29.       If there are N people in the world and are using secret key encryption/decryption for privacy purpose, then number of secret keys required will be:
(A) N                  (B) (N-1)
(C) N(N-1)/2      (D) N(N+1)/2
Answer: C
30.    Optical fiber uses reflection to guide light through a channel, in which angle of incidence is ................. the critical angle.
(A) equal to                   (B) less than
(C) greater than           (D) less than or equal to
Answer: C

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